JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

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JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

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00:00 What is JavaScript
04:41 Setting Up the Development Environment
07:52 JavaScript in Browsers
11:41 Separation of Concerns
13:47 JavaScript in Node
16:11 Variables
21:49 Constants
23:35 Primitive Types
26:47 Dynamic Typing
30:06 Objects
35:22 Arrays
39:41 Functions
44:22 Types of Functions

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Gala Cassball says:

4:35, Oh man I'm gonna scare my friend when I type "We are watching you" into his laptop and he thinks the alert comes from google LOL!

Tuly:: Full Stack Web Dev says:

Hello, Mosh Hamedani! Concept is clear!

rahul maya says:

I need some JavaScript codes, can you help me ??

Varghese Eyadiel says:

Mosh, quick question – can you give us an idea of how new /recent your training materials are on your training site?

Niharika Chowdary says:

video is awesome..but console is not working with notepadpp editor.can u please help me out!!thank you

Md Hasnat zaman says:

Hi sir .. Thanks a lot .. I want to develope my life but always fail.. can you help me to develope my life.. Always work an anxiety in me.. can't fight with life.thinking and thinking but no result . please help me ..

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Marvin Intes says:

best teacher hehehe

NR. Selvaraja says:

it is one of the best starting point for JavaScript beginners.

bubka says:

good and simple explanation. but I think, much of exercises were understandable because of knowledge of java. I mean the part about functions, arrays and objects. anyway thanks for the great introduction into javaScript.

[REDACTED] [Ethical Hacker-Hidden for Securiy] says:

Some websites allow you to open inspect elements with the F12 button

KJ Dabs says:

after i put the "!" mark then i press the tab it just move , it wont generate some basic html boiler plate, heeeeelllllllllpppppppppppp

Mohammed Shamsul Islam says:

Very easy & nice teching for me.Thank you.

sun lotfi says:

hi i'm trying to enroll in the course but i'm having an issue with the payment how can i contact you for help?

Diego Thoms says:

Great introduction! You convinced me to buy the full course. Thanks!

getye kibkabe says:

thanks mosh i like to you tutorial

Sara Sh says:

guys it works when I am writing inside the script tags but not when I write in ,js file and src=" ",js?

Tushar Sundarka - Gaming says:

9.11.1? Strange…

Frenchy the Sphee says:

I can not put my folder in Visual studio I am confused 6:10

Jose Saboya says:

Wow what an amazing introduction will buy his course. I am Getting ready for coding boot camp

K23raj says:

Mosh made learning new things is how easy . clean an clear . thanks lot Mosh

Hua Jarry says:

how to set the developer tool like your?

Joey Baikie says:

at 14.20 you've totally lost me ! ive tried following the instructions in command prompt but it just says "error cannot find module" can anyone help please????

marvn says:

im very new to this. I was wondering is it okay to download and execute VSCode on my Mac, or would it be better to learn on a windows computer?

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