Web Design Process Pt. 1 – Content Strategy

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Starting to work on the design of Openmind (https://www.openmindlearning.com/). We’re starting with a kickoff meeting to discuss the content strategy and visual strategy for the site.

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Erica Lopes says:

awesome video series AND openmind looks great too.

Kishan Patel says:

Hey Ran, Thanks again for sharing your process . Do you write the content for the clients website, or do you have them provide you the content ? Also do you design the illustrations yourself?

Amulya Chawda says:

Hey Ran!
I'm really inspired by your work and your videos for sure.

When you say "it's surprising that he signed it, considering he found me through this vlog".

Why do you think someone finding you though this vlog won't sign projects?

Joel Wasserman says:

Hey Ran, do you just find some one-off dribbble for your illustration for that style or do you have someone you work regularly with

Daria Hashchak says:

Hi Ran! Thank you for doing this channel. I have a question about time estimation. How much time do you estimate a project like this will take (including communication etc.)?

Brandon Zell says:

Hey Ran, thanks for sharing your process. I always love watching your videos. Saw you're writing notes in Google Docs and just had to comment and say: Try using Dropbox Paper! Currently my favorite tool for writing notes on projects etc. or before/after talking with clients. If you haven't already, you've got to give it a try.

Ahmed Mosaad says:

can't wait for pt. 2! thanks for sharing the process.

Mello Multimedia says:

Random question: How do you go about creating videos about your client experiences? I feel like it would be awkward working for a client then putting it out there for the world to see including the client lol

Warring Alice says:

great videos. been watching your videos trying to decide between Webflow and WP. been on WP as a causal user last couple of years. would like to step up my game… love your videos.

Kane San Miguel says:

YouTube's algorithm is either on genius level right now or this is just a pretty strange coincidence lol

James Saul says:

Strange! take 18 sales today everyday https://is.gd/bvmjuofd

Vlad Shapiro says:

Talking about overcomplicating projects…

Alexander S.Drachev says:

Thankful for sharing your process. Wish you a smooth process!

Ethan Fisher says:

Looking forward to following you through this Ran. I have just engaged with my biggest client yet for a ground up web redesign, very exciting!

mariacheline says:

Always great to find new tools. Thanks for sharing! 😀

Jonathan Bakebwa says:

Wow! Thank you so much for what you do. It inspires me to do better design and improve my workflow as well.

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