Breastfeeding Makes Me Fat

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Close – Can breastfeeding make you fat? I think it can make losing the postpartum belly fat MUCH more challenging. In my experience nursing four kids, I have not been able to lose weight while nursing. It wasn’t until I weaned that I was able to lose the fat.

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Nikola Kendis says:

not true for me, either!!! I don't eat that much and am still basically the same weight as when I gave birth!

Aleishia Wolf says:

I hold onto the weight until I wean no matter how long eight months with one two years with the other I go from a b cup to a DD from a dress size 4 to a 10!!!! I hate it my feet hurt and I'm always hungry. Women who lose weight are not eating much they are starving and lying

shirley wilson says:

Thank you so much for this! I have 4 children as well….i'm currently breastfeeding the youngest. But in the past I haven't been able to lose weight until after I was done breastfeeding! Ugh!

alaina chambers says:

Yes 11 years ago with my first son and now again with my newborn…im really not happy with this bs chubbiness. Im fatter now 2 months pp than i was 9 months pregnant.

claudia hernandez says:

The reason behind this is due to high levels of prolactin. Which is a hormone for producing milk. It does not allow you to lose weight. It stores fat to keep milk production.

Katie E says:

I am the same. I really hope the weight will come off after weaning. We are almost to 1 year.

Kayla Crane says:

Breastfeeding my almost 9 month old , third child. And I have been pregnant or breastfeeding or both(non stop) since May 2011.
I want these 30lbs to 50lbs to be gone.

I feel like my body likes to hold onto weight while breastfeeding. And dieting ect is definitely hard.

Never has it melted off of me.

My son still very much prefers Breastfeeding and barely eats a tiny bit of baby food a day (like a few bites sometimes is all he wants).

You are not alone.

I'm trying hard to start a diet and stick to it. But being my son's only food source outside of a few bites of baby food makes it tough.

One day I will reach these goals.. one day…

laura troi says:

I have researched this subject a lot for the past year while nursing my daughter because i lost all the baby weight after a gave birth. ten days after I came home from the hospital I was exactly as I was before pregnancy except for my abdominal muscles. I was so excited and thought everything was going to go smoothly but in the course of eight months i gained 6 kilos. I was working out like crazy after 3 months after birth but weight kept going up and the hunger was unbearable I had burns in my stomach . My body was hungry to make milk, if I dindt eat the milk supply got down and my baby cried a lot if I din't keep her happy. So I was going crazy why the medical literature says breastfeeding keeps you slim and helps weight loss??? No studies , just lies. It can be true for 20% , but for 80% of the people i have read about from 10 forums I reaserched all gained weight or couldn't lose the pregnancy weight

Alla Stepanova says:

I am 6 months pp and still have a very stubborn 30 pounds to lose that will not come off… thank you so much for sharing, i feel like people look at me like I'm making up excuses or am crazy when I tell them that breastfeeding my baby is making my body hold on to this extra baby pregnancy wieght. so it's good to know that I really am not alone.

Kat Rodriguez says:

I have the same experience. I don't gain any weight but I am not losing it either. And I have my husband all over my case about how I need to exercise to lose weight. I would love to exercise. But I'm having two under two is difficult for me to find time. And when I do have time I will be cleaning or literally having a much-needed rest.

MommyMakesPinteret Carisaa says:

Makes total sense. I was down to my pre pregnant weight 6 weeks after birth but now I’ve gained about 8 pounds after breast feeding for 14 months. I think it makes your hormones especially estrogen make your body hold onto weight. I also don’t want to diet because I’ll loose my milk. I’m ok with it since it’s good for my baby. I believe it though.

Ms Magnificent says:

I swear I gained weight with my previous child and my newborn. Both are girls. I was able to drop the weight with my son tho. Each pregnancy is different. My baby is chunky boo. I wouldn't worry about losing weight while breast feeding. Our metabolism changes with eat child. I was told we should consume 2300 calories if you're exclusively breast feeding. Babies consume 300-600 calories each day. 300 when babies are eating foods and 600 when we are exclusively breast feeding. Some of us don' eat 2300 on a regular so it can be difficult achieving that goal without adding oils and foods. It hella frustrating. Expecting to see your weight fluctuate every week between 5-10 lbs. Just be reminded that breast feeding is best for baby. After breast feeding go on a sugar free diet and watch the weight melt off.

Kiki Jackson says:

Breastfeedong does not make me lose weight either

Angela Cameron says:

Breastfeeding didn't help me too. I lost my pp weight with the help of Mummy magic weight loss tea.

Flower BOMB says:

Yes. I can't loose a damn pound !!!

Jerusha Samuel says:

Me too! Everyone said it would "melt off" but that has been the opposite for me. It's like my body REFUSES to lose weight. No matter what. I tried eating super healthy but my supply suffered soo much, and I gained the few pounds I lost in just a few days.

Maria Cellabe says:

OMG I feel all girls here!! actually i was like that too I'm 24 years old now and I have two children boy and girl, when I was born my little boy I am not so fat then when I born my little girl put I weight on the doctor recommend to me to do a breastfeeding cos they told that it's help me to lose more weight but what happened is I didn't lose!! weight!! unless I put more and more weight! Even though I control my food! Thats why for me it's not true!! Very not true that if you breastfeeding you lose weight maybe for other people yes it is happened but for me No it's not happened even now my baby girl is 9months old feel sad!!

Gema Jimenez says:

me right now..ughh…and we are just a little over 2 years nursing now. I feel like no matter what I do it just stays there. to make it worse shes not a good eater..she has weeks where she only wants milk and water no solid real food. wahh I just have to suck it up and be fat lol…for now

Madeleine Anacie says:

I'm the same way

Bei Bei Miao says:

yes I am the same …

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