HuffPost Report: Wish You Weren’t Here

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On October 28, 2017, white nationalist groups gathered in Shelbyville, Tenn. for a White Lives Matter rally, while counter-protesters amassed across the street. HuffPost spent the day asking people what they would say to “the other side.”

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CarCross says:

Hell yeah brother I’m white and proud

William Thomas says:

No lives matter, just hit the reset button aleady.

Dmc says:

Just because you dont want to see whites being targets of racism doesn't mean your against blacks. Shame on huff post.

Jorge Vasquez says:

Respect for the veteran.

PredatR Hun says:

But its ok to hate white people and hungarians….

barefoot arizona says:

I disagree with a lot of what they say but these people aren't doing anything wrong except expressing their opinions. If you don't like it then do something else like get a job or find a hobby

James Blackshaw says:

Antifa are the fascists

Blazed and Confused says:

HuffPo is practically the number one unofficial recruitment tool for white supremacists.

Blazed and Confused says:

It's ok to be white.

justin yancosky says:

We are sick of you Black supremacist

deedrabbit says:

funny how it’s always the stupidest ugliest laziest people that think they are racially superior. Trump for instance.

Gooey 911 says:

Goldfish Lives Matters!

Donnie Dube says:

I’m in the uk and I know people like this…

- - says:

Aren't these the Duck Dynasty guys?

Dyana Ramirez says:

All lives matter

miguelito lee says:

I hate stupid white people… signed by a white boy grandson of R E Lee

Metal Gear says:

I agree w/ Secure Borders yet the way that guy spoke was unnecessary. "White Nation" really? You didnt notice the White Latino, White Muslim, White Hindu, White Asian Nations?

Acting like an total Asshole will not sway any minds. The idea is that every Nation on Earth secures it's Borders & does not condone Illegal Immigration.

That man turned Basic Truths & Principles into an Ego of a total Jackass. Love does trump Hate yet Law & Order is above all else. No need to act stupid like these idiots.

I respect their Freedom of Speech yet I think they are pushing the Right idea into the Wrong idea since plenty of Blacks & Latinos agree & they aint White so no need to act so damn stupid about US Laws.

ronel senjam says:

What is going on in this world

Tryin2fly09 says:

70 yrs old and looks like a alcoholic biker "They're taking our jobs and displacing us" He looks too old to worry about a job, at his age he should be retired. As for displacing, his people are the ones screaming "Deportation", so wouldn't that mean HE'S the one "Displacing us"???

Also you notice how all the Racist ones are old as fuck, plus only 100 of them total showed up. Nice to see soo many Trump supporters stick together before the last few minutes of they're lives run out. Confused old man fought for freedom??? I think he forgot America is the "land of the free", so he must not of realized by going to war he was fighting for the freedom of WAY more then just "Us White People".. He must have came home pissed his lazy ass had to pick his own cotton..

Kimbo Slice says:

Then GTFO Huffaload

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