Arianna Huffington on the Huffington Post

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Arianna Huffington talks about the Huffington Post and its Politics.


oshmunnies says:

See my comment above…Huffington Post clearly does not respect the 1st amendment. Regardless of political affiliation, no one should support their website.

aillama says:

My profile was deleted from their website. I made only one post on their website in response to a user's offensive comments about lesbians. Here's what I wrote:
"Your comments are highly offensive. And sorry to tell you, the girls you "took care of" weren't lesbians, despite what they might have had you believe."

This comment was made in reponse to a poster saying that he can "convert" lesbians. I don't understand how MY comment was offesive enough to warrant the deletion of my profile.

sebastianloves pump says:

I think the censorship at Huffington Post is smiliar to Fox News.
If it is a smart criticism it will get licked out, easy to repudiate stuff gets left alone.

bellabeagle7 says:

Censorship of comments. Done with that stupid site!

blue says:

too much censorship on huff

Xarkonul says:

When “non-progressive” people come to what I like to refer to as “The Huffy Don’t Post,” someone makes sure their comments are “left” behind, i.e. censored. When I recently used The Huffington Post’s own figures to create my “Joe Averageguy” analogy, which argues that global temperatures have leveled off at best since 1998, The Huffington Post deleted my forum comments and removed my profile, Xarkonul. You can find more information at my YouTube channel (Xarkonul).

Kevin W says:

She needs to go back Greece. I am never vulgar and I have had my comments censored on her "news" website for saying things like Big banks must have known that Bernie Madoff was running a PONZI SCAM. Or that It's obvious that those who caused the financial crisis will not face much punishment because they have the money and THEY MAKE THE RULES. They don't like you commenting on that site unless you bleat with the rest of the sheep. They divide and want either dems or repubs.. Not AMERICANS!

Todd Knudtson says:

I adore Arianna, I believe her to be a genius, I think she does her utmost to make Huff-Po Censorship FREE, but her Staff and Bloggers do not share her commitment to Free Speech, WILL abuse posters and do not respect Open Citizen Journalism and the true value of a Public Forum.

I enjoy Huff-Po,, STILL.

All the best, Knute
TR Knudtson

tweezwanen says:

You are so bias that it disgusts the Republicans of your point of view!

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