President Donald Trump On American Pastor’s Release: ‘He Suffered Greatly’ | NBC News

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After landing in Ohio for a campaign rally on Friday, President Trump spoke to reporters about the release of detailed U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey. Trump expressed his satisfaction that Brunson was being returned to the U.S. and emphasized that no diplomatic deal or exchange was part of the arrangement.
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President Donald Trump On American Pastor’s Release: ‘He Suffered Greatly’ | NBC News


Jason Lewis says:

NBC ABC CNN all are fake news

N Xarigow says:

Turkish are playing smart game, throwing the Saudi Arabian journalist killing ball to Washington to sort out, as they are allies in love for money. Now the pressure is on Washington. Trump will close it just say , we don't know who killed him, as he can't lose Saudi Arabia trillions weapons business.

Dr Sivaram Hariharan says:

Getting things done again!!! One more promise fulfilled for his people, esp those that voted him.

Toori Baba says:

Oh no Erdogan why did you back out? He was CIA agent tried to destroy Turkey…

R&R R&R says:

I knew Trump would get him freed. God Bless you President Trump.

Hunter Sykes says:

Another victory! MAGA

Norman Rowe says:

Vote Republican in November. Let's keep winning. I am proud to be an American again. No more President being ashamed to be American, making excuses and apologizing to the world for being American, remember "America is not exceptional," I do, I will not forget. Red in November. Trump 2020

wandering spirit says:

Another Trump victory. Is anyone getting tired of WINNING?

Herr Kartofel Koph says:

Erased taylor swifts publicity stunt

strtnovr agn says:

Great job Mr. President!!!!

Richard and Alma Hartmann says:

We urge all young people to vote.This is your time! You are the present and your future depends on YOU.

Nic Parker says:

LIAR! Just bill the stupid goy tax payers.

War Horus says:

No deal…but everyone congratulating Trump…lol sheep

Ryan Rick says:

“We spoke to Turkey.”
When he said “we” he meant I
And when he said “spoke to” he meant threatened.

Shanti Khan says:

Halleujah!!!! Our God is soooooo awesome.!!!Thank God for President Trump for his passion and compassion for his release

spear chunker says:

now we should bomb turkey

Don't Bet on It says:

Let me get this straight he was sentenced to 3 years knocked down to 2 already served. So how is this anything but a deportation?

Tallacus says:

Christians must be protected

Judith Osorio says:

Sorry trump, just because you do one good thing does not make you a good person.

Mad Patriot says:

THE AMERICAN SPY IS IN GERMANY FOR A Debriefing,by the way MR PRESIDENT WHAT are we going to do about the American student bring help in ISRAEL for expressing her concern about the PALESTINIAN issue

Tom Jones says:

Trump is like superman. Never stops winning…

RickK RocKStar says:

Your doing a great job Mr President.
Thank you.

Bring on the haters.

Kilgore Trout says:

Hillary lost her security clearance. Lol.

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