ABC News’ Ginger Zee details riding out Hurricane Michael

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She described seeing debris, including pieces of a home, flying by as she reported from the storm’s direct hit in a condo.





David, you're hot !!

Justine Conriquez says:

Let's pray for everyone today give thanks for where you live. I'm in calfornia. Thank you Jesus.

Ronny Sterling says:

Not only is Ginger way too hot, she is willing to take her life in her hands.

Matt Sundby says:

here's a great idea, let's all come back and rebuild our house or houses for that matter just to deal with this again next year or within the next couple of years. fucking retards that live out there and continue to live with this. I have no pity.

John says:

Ginger I appreciate u. I felt u.

Abigail Carroll says:

That house was huge and it's just gone. I think I'm in a bit of shock, really. I hope Ginger is alright. I hope no one one was in the blue house or, Hell, in any of these houses.

Donald Alger Jr. says:

How does Ginger Zee know it was a well built home? Did she study the blueprints.

RIXRADvidz says:

Earth's Dynamic System in High Gear!
balancing the energy so that life can continue to exist,
it just may not include the anthropoid hominids currently infesting the surface.

Benjamin Frazier says:

OMG I'm heart broken me and my mother stayed in the blue house that is gone, Dunes 6 I can't believe I was there just two weeks ago

Chump Johnson says:

She basically was in a tornado

Hannah Winsberg says:

Saw Ginger report this live glad to see she survived

MrAirbender32 says:

that was like the first 4 hours of Hurricane Maria going through Puerto Rico.

Ahmed Zaki Abd Rady says:

Our hearta with you Americans

Nikki Fresquez says:

Just stupid . Ginger has kids… She is not invincible.

onmybest behavior says:

I hope no one was in that home. Tornado are in these Hurricane

stratton .merkle says:

*concrete condo

Skeenit Skeenit says:

Thanks Ginger Zee.

She Cares says:

You can't blame her for being scared when you see the damage to the area she was in! She's lucky to be alive!

Fuzzy Peaches says:

Who would have ever thought that the gulf coast would have a hurricane

Fuzzy Peaches says:

They speak in the language of sheeple

Kike says:

How can ABC News say it is the strongest storm to hit the US since 1969 when in September 20, 2017 US soil (Puerto Rico) was hit by a similar storm?
My best wishes to all those affected.

Jose Serrano says:

Fake news !! Puerto rico was worst and yet nobody really gave a damn not even the President

nyc nyc says:

Price you pay to live where mother nature does not really want you to live.

Debbie Marsh says:

Ok I’m English so I may be missing something. Why are the houses so paper thin ? If the concrete hotel survives why aren’t the houses built that way?

carmen u11 says:

Footage was incredible..but doesn't this woman have two young kids one that's less than a year old? I don't know but it seems like some important priorities were overlooked for the sake of good TV and career notoriety.

skskm 77 says:

Do I wanna pay 16$ to get rid of the ads?? No I’ll just go through the torture!

Davy Boy bunkia says:

Not ine road is safe even when after next sink holes are dugging in

robert newberry says:

Thank you Ginger!

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