Options Trading RobinHood [Why You Should NOT Trade Stock Options with RobinHood]

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Options Trading RobinHood [Why You Should NOT Trade Stock Options with RobinHood Options]

Options trading for beginners – put options beginner strategy

Learn how to trade stock options for beginners. Learn how to make money and be a profitable trader

The only way to be a successful stock market trader is by selling stock option premium

I am one of the best traders in the world and you can easily learn to trade and trade stock options

All of the other “traders” on YouTube are fake gurus who aren’t successful traders

That’s why they don’t provide their trading statements and also they don’t show their complete transaction history

Their “live trading” is fake

Options trading strategies require a lot of discipline and commitment

Use RobinHood for options trading strategies. How to trade options on robinhood, because even with RobinHood, you can make consistent money by trading options

Learn about call options, put option, credit spreads & options strategies

Learn how to trade options for beginners from the only real trader!

You can also learn how to trade options on thinkorswim or tastyworks, Fidelity, tastytrade, etc

You can also use ETrade, Interactive Brokers or any other broker

Options Trading is the best, and only, way to beat the market.

But…only SELLING option premium will work!

This is options trading 101, you’ll also learn about put options, how to trade naked options, selling option premium and the best way to profit

You’ll learn what tastytrade, option alpha and sky view trading don’t tell you!

Focus on learning this valuable skill which will allow you to trade options for life to substantially increase your income.

Forget Day Trading, Penny Stock trading, Swing Trading, forex and technical analysis.

The probability of you being profitable from day trading or trading penny stocks is 0%

The only way to make money in the stock market is by selling option premium (not buying options)

We teach our students how to trade options for consistent profits.

Learn all about puts, calls, credit spreads, naked options.

We teach beginning traders through advanced traders.

You can learn how to trade for consistent profits.

Everyone of my students can be a successful trader.

Learn how to trade options.

I clearly lay out all of my strategies here.

You can learn all of my best options trading strategies in my videos.

Options trading strategies and stock market alerts for beginners and advanced options traders.

Instantly be a successful and profitable trader with these alerts

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BestStockStrategy says:

Please share this with your friends & subscribe to this channel. I want to be of service to as many people as possible and help them avoid both stress and scammers. Learn a valuable skill and earn ~50% every year (which will make you more successful than 99% of traders!)

chris s says:

best way too make basically guaranteed profit is have a 5$ wide spread of the SPY starting Monday and ending weds and Friday( 2 diff spreads). and if your unsure u can play both side of the trade bullish and bearish. as the SPY barely moves 3$ a week

Pavel Kondratyuk says:

I make over 1000$ a week trading options on rh so it's fine for me, fb puts made me over 600% just this week

Seth Calkins says:

I agree that Robinhood isn't the best for options. Though, since I'm new to the options game, and Robinhood is all I know, I wasn't sure my feelings were correct. What gave me pause about it was an experience I had about a month ago when they essentially sold my put option on the market for a loss of around $100 USD when the price action was clearly heading toward my breakeven. I messaged them about it, and apparently it's their policy to sell on the open market all options that aren't covered (by cash in the account or by stock in the account) within an hour before close on the date of expiration. What that says to me, essentially, is that some other newb in the Robinhood team is clicking a button to sell a shit ton of their account holder's options at an already highly volatile time in the market, causing a glut of contracts, and a mad-rush for the market makers to rebalance their positions, the end result for me being I'm down on profit potential and out of the rights that I purchased with the option in the first place. I would have rather lost all of the premium on my own than have had someone else lose it for me. Why the hell else would I be getting involved in options trading if I didn't want to do it myself? Terrible policy. Absolutely terrible. BTW: I was number 69 on your likes. Just wanted to claim my bragging rights on what truly matters in life. 🙂

Clarence Charping says:

Trading options is not the best idea by itself. You have to really be sure of yourself.

Successful Millennials says:

Bet I can make 1000$ trading options on Robinhood in a week with only a 1000$ dollar Robin Hood account.

Rich Price says:

I was reading your FB example of selling naked puts. $200 premium, $15,800 maximum loss. Do you have to have $15,800 in your account to make this trade?

starboy23 says:

I personally trade options and defiantly not on robinhood lolol. I do see where your coming from but you have to realize who your audience is i doubt anyone watching this should be putting on naked options for one most beginner trader will not get approved for undefined risk trading second. There is nothing wrong with using spread strategies to begin with, for someone who is just starting i personally would recommend starting with vertical spreads or iron condors. You may get more trades wrong but you will know that max amount you can lose you will also have a chance to get your feet wet without having to think about blowing up your account too soon.

Robinhood Warrior says:

Robinhood is …………………………….FIRE

Patsy Turcotte says:

What do you think about credit spreads?

Alivia Von says:

Thanks for this options training video

Lorenza Ondricka says:

You're the only honest trader on YouTube

Desmond Cassin says:

I will share this with my audience

Hortense Pouros says:

Great tutorial on trading stock options with the RobinHood app

Paula Bull says:

good content on stock options trading

Jodi Howard says:

I'm one of your stock market trade alerts subscriber

Marlene Randall says:

BestStockStrategy.com – i just signed up

Kenyon Kub says:

RobinHood app is not great for stock options trading for beginners

Timothy Clark says:

Naked put options are best?

Brittany Wynne says:

Do you also sell call options or only puts?

Audrey Terry says:

I just shared it on Facebook

Aniya Lowe says:

Learn options trading from the best teacher

Marques Daniel says:

Everyone should learn how to trade options

Brent Spinka says:

I love your videos on investing and stock options trading

lordsdious says:

David thanks for the video its amazing almost everywhere I look every article warns us away from naked put options saying its only for those that are big investors. Did some paper trading and love what I am seeing. On a side not you mention brokers. I have an account with Tastyworks and TD Ameritrade which one is better?

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