‘Not helpful’, says US on India’s plans to buy Iran oil, Russia’s S-400 air missiles

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State department spokesperson said “it’s not helpful” that India plans to continue buying Iranian oil and go ahead with the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems, both of which are subject to secondary sanctions under separate US authorities.

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Shashi Tharur says:

If you have guts to do it just go for it….

Anything Related says:

Let's see what us does to us…We will retaliate as we already overcome sanction….But this time us will loose it's biggest Allie and will eventually loose china as well on south china sea…

avib369 says:

Any USA sanctions on India will backfire, India will just buy more defence from Russia. USA are morons.

Mohd Mussa says:

First sanction Saudi Arabia for creation of ISIS and other wahabi salafist terrorists and funding them, doing 9/11, relentless bombing of Yemen, suppression of women human rights activists, journalists and minorities in Saudi Arabia and latest killing journalist Jamal khosgogi inside Saudi consulate in Turkey then think about India.

Rajkumar says:

India should be cautious before buying defence equipment from USA, unpredictable..

T3 31 says:

USA should kick all Indians out of USA, ban Indian products from USA ,help China and Pakistan against India. Let's see how much Russians help. Indians are the opportunitist and selfish people. Well established Indians living abroad rarely think of fellow Indians in India. Indians exploit fellow Indians on the basis of caste. Indians can even sell their country for money. India is still a poor country because affulent Indian care about their pockets while forcing patriotism on poor. India is full of traitors and selfish people.

Mangalapalli Chaitanya says:

INDIA by design is a peace loving nation.
We look at Russia as brother and USA as role model
On one side chaina brought s-400 to change the borders
On other hand Radical islamic terrorist country pakistanis are seeking into our borders
Atleast chaina may want to change the borders in their own way ,but the pakistani Terrorists will not let us live in peace until their ultimate goal gaz-we-hind(death to all hindus) is fulfilled according to their QURAN
Tell us what options do we have ,
America is not going to fight our war even though India fully surrounded to USA .
S-400 of Russia and chaina may possess treath to America ,but what the s-400 of India to do with america ,infact it will help america to counter chaina.
Our currency value depreciated nearly 17% in last week and fuel price are hiked by 20%.
If USA is willing to insulate us from all the treaths and guarantee our peace and prosperity then india will definitely accept ur order .
After all any comman man with proper mind whises peace and prosperity except those of pakistani Terrorists.
USA should give wavier for us to buy Iranian oil and s-400 missiles , india is also ready to buy some military equipment with usa also.
If not INDIA will be forced to move twords RUSSIA-CHAINA-INDIA alliance , already chainese forigen minister contacted New Delhi regarding countring USA after USA sanctioned chaina heavily.
May God bless trump with enough wisdom to make USA-INDIA great again

halfis zees says:

US for its policies wants rest of the world to be at its sides, n do what they dictate. We are a sovereign nation n decides what is good for us.
US is welcome to be friends, if they wish.

vasudev bharadwaj says:

Fuck US of A, every one must teach them a lesson.india should not worry.

SADGURU And U says:

New Delhi is very Strong. I dare you Washington after sanctions USA will suffer for life.

Kamal Hans says:

We have to look to our sovereign interests first.
US should not try to push us into a " either us or them" situation.
Buying equipment from Russia does not make India a part of the Russia/China bloc.
As for not buying oil from Iran, what happens to the strategy of using Chabahar port to bypass pakistan/obor?
Can't the US see that abandoning Iran will greatly benefit our common enemies?

Tathagatb Banerjee says:

What is the role of a Head of a State? Not Helping or looking out for its citizens?

Saravanan Ramanathan says:

Trump is gonna make lot of enemy

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