Losing weight after baby , after breastfeeding

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Linda Tinah TV says:

I still have kilos that have stubbornly refused to go. I lost more than half in the first 6 months. I breastfeed till 1 year but still watched what I was eating. I actually made a video about my eight loss journey after babies if you want to check it out. Thanks for stopping by my channel. new subbie.

udu ada says:

I have been losing weight eating less carbs .

Philip Allan says:

I lost weight right after having my baby but started eating . Now I added weight

ThePrissyMommyLife says:

Also, I expected to lose much more as well – but the doctor explained the water retention can last 2-4 weeks.

ThePrissyMommyLife says:

I HATE EXERCISING BTW! I like to Dance & Walk – That's about it & I don't do those often enough….

Love Marie says:

I still have about 20lbs to lose and my daughter is 14 months.

sehrish naseem says:

I was 135 pounds before getting pregnant and gained 37 more with baby. After a c-section it was a challenge to get rid of these extra pounds, but an herbal tea blend called mummy magic tea made my weight loss journey very easy and convenient. I lost all my pregnancy weight just in a couple of months after starting this tea two months pp.

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