Help for Woman Experiencing Rapid Weight Loss

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Gastroenterologist Dr. Su Sacher and internist and nutritionist Dr. Melina Jampolis join The Doctors to share the results of Marie’s tests and confirm she has quite a few things going on simultaneously, which are making her feel sick.

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Elizabeth Carrie says:

Wait so what does she have they never said…

Moe Haidar says:

Stop explaining why she's acting strange.. imo she could at least thank them lol! Plenty of words and phrases to show that she's grateful, even in actions.. i dont see how malnutrition makes her cocky so please cut the explanation lol.. yet i hope she gets better, she is beautiful no matter how she looks, although i would've loved to see her a bit more thankful 🙂

Stone W says:

I understand her dilemma. Disease, whatever it is, creates a secondary mental disease, or issue. One's personality becomes more insular as all one's attention goes to healing oneself. The initial disease literally becomes part of one's identity. Yet it's important to understand that one isn't one's disease, to not identify with it, that one is so much more than that. In so doing, one must try to live as normal a life as possible. Always go towards the life force and not the death force. In doing the things that give one energy, one's mind and body grow stronger, and whatever physical ailment one is dealing with can better be managed, and perhaps even be overcome. I wish this woman a complete recovery so she can life her life to the fullest….

Tiff Tiff says:

So irritating how she never once formed the words to say Thank You! These Doctors are going to bat for her, willing to give her treatment, saying they will figure this thing out for her and she never once said Thank You! Found that slightly odd. I hope she is doing better

Marc Montti says:

behaviors arn't strange to me, i totally understand…. also, the doctors make her cry coinciding within points of positivity. she isn't crying because its beautiful, shes crying because hurt. laughing and crying at the same time. is how i experience happy tears. P.S. doctors are emotionally irrational: skip to positive outlook, without being present in the awareness of all the pain. intimate connection would be to experience the hell itself otherwise positive thinking feels detached and vapid (understand only when walking in their shoes) Finally, awareness of the bigger view is probably sooo painful; its a subconscious awareness. the first time i ever experienced a huge enlightenment about my life/ of life….i was in the deepest level of relaxation i had ever experienced, only then did i "SEE". i was also water fasting & in meditation…i also had my first vision, vivid as seeing through my eyes. i was in the hospital that day…. I lost enlightenment to stigmatization.(10 years ago) its still hurts

Seth Tegler says:

Only two years! Okay, I'm not saying she isn't caught up in a personal battle, but the way this story has been playing out would make one think she's been suffering with this condition for the better part of a decade. How can someone lose hope after only two years!? This story doesn't add up.

Justin Ford says:

She uses it as a crutch in life

Haseeb Saad says:

I have been suffering from anxiety-related issues since 22 years, I mean, since my birth. Is there anyone to empathize with me? I would leave my e-mail ID here if I see any positive response.

sherry LeMeilleur says:

Depression sucks!! It can really screw yu up ! She’s a beautiful lady I pray she gets well

kellibomb says:

The e-coli thing I think would have more to do with her illness than anything else. Wonder why it was never discovered before? Hopefully once she gets over that, her body will start absorbing nutrients much better.

Abdullah AL Ghamdi says:

In my medical opinion, she looks depressed, anxiety and stress, I can see the worries in her eyes, however, she looks making this issue in her mind and her body developed technique to adapt these thoughts into physical symptoms and her anxiety is the fuel. She might had shocked when she had first experience afterwards she became thinking in deep in her issue so on.

michelle tack says:

Poor kid, plus she’s probably working hard to just sit up on tv and keep enough energy to think and answer them.

Francisco Oliveira says:

Any other new videos of Marie? How is it going with her, do they found a solution for her?

Carter Lamont says:

A PhD "doctor" shouldn't be referred to as a doctor in a medical setting when there are medical doctors involved lmao, or maybe I just don't know how things work in the U.S.

Strawberrycake says:

she's very beautiful.. and sexy

Helen Varela says:

She was so happy

paola delacruz says:

she doesnt seem genuine…. i would act that way too. shes already been to so many doctors. shes probably like "all you doctors dont know crap." (but im going to keep it together cause im on national tv)

Scotches Teal says:

I'm dealing with this as well. I eat more and more to make up for the weight loss but still I lose. Six servings of rice with loads of butter just as a snack. I weigh 100 lbs and I'm 5'7. I can't keep doing this. I'd rather starve and have it over with..hopefully that makes sense. In a way I'm closer to death that it would make more sense.

Shiela Tanilon says:

I'm so happy for her. I wish they could help me also cause I'm so depressing myself to gain weight.

maruf Ali says:

please don't take me wrong there is a chance she has got a (JIN) I know this because I have seen this a neighbour I had a cat I was 17years old my neighbor women was a nurse a very beautiful lady , she started having this same things and doctors gave her all test nothing came was wrong they said eat more poor women was getting thinner and thinner funny thing is when ever my cat sees her he acts weird that's how a friend of her helped with good sprite to take away bad sprite (JINS) away and next few weeks she started looking better and better and next thing you know she is again very attractive women . please women go see some one that can see sprite because there might be sprite being living with you and easesist way to find out is when cats start acting weird and how I know this the lady who got our neighbor women better said she cats will see things and will always try to guid you because cats carry good sprit (JINS) with them

Jannette Stetson-Buck says:

I hope I'm wrong but I feel this is somehow faked..her mannerism in this interview is so uncomfortable to watch… I've been through a lot myself and don't see her persona as being genuine. She seems very juvenile. Attention seeking? Maybe

Meg Does Stuff says:

Agh this is making me cry.. this poor woman, I hope she came out of all this okay.. it's been a couple of months so hopefully she's doing better now.

Fuhikie Waie says:

she is so cute omg my heart.. i fell in love…

Summer Knight says:

Celic disease? Worms? Thyroid??? Eating disorder from depression? i Coli? If doctors would do A COMPLETE blood and stool checkup then it could save many many many doctor appointments and expensive MRIs and other invasive test! Am I on to something here? Come on insurance companies! Save money by changing how doctors treat patients. It shouldn't take a dozen doctors getting office visits and writing scripts. Just run a long line of bloodwork and get these people healthy and back to work.

Erik Tulgetske says:

Man i feel for this girl. 6 years ive been in the same spot as her sucks

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