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Today I continued progress on our big branding project for Parallel! They create custom software for large businesses. Last time I started with a page of sketches to get some ideas flowing. In today’s video I took the sketches that I liked most and started working with them in adobe illustrator. I finished with 6 different initial logo design ideas. I also included some different color ideas to move forward with. It would be awesome if you let me know in the poll which you prefer and leave a comment if you have some ideas!

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Clipping Path Servicce says:

Awesome tutorial. thanks.

Fishing台 says:

i like 2 the most ! I think the motion element in it make the message "parallel" more oblivious

David F. says:

I'm not a Designer but I study Game Design and Programming. So I'm going to specialize me in this part of Design Stuff.

MickBozovic says:

Logotypes and monograms.

Ema Mathers says:

I got excited about the merch there for a second, I wish there was awesome possum merch, and with the little mascot they would be super cute

Harrison Barrett says:

sick Suge Knight reference

Paulo César says:

Thank You for this Channel. I almost gave up on graphic design and now i'm coming back to It. Your videos are a great Source of inspiration for me. (Sorry, my english is not that great)

AshE says:

I like option 4 as shown at 3:58 with just the 2 simple planes

simufe ro says:

Number 3 looks like pose 69 of the kamasutra

Kim Soares says:

Zimri I couldn't decide of each one o the design logo is the best because I dont know the briefing, like I dont remember or you didnt tell, whats the purpose. I like most of them, but I think they are very different meaning, so its good to put it clear 😀 Cheers from Brazil!

Akim John says:

The fourth one. Try putting laying the name on the logo.

FunkyProjectz says:

I definitely prefer the last 3. I think 6 is actually very sleek and nice, considering it was the most accidental creation out of all of these.
It is probably the most modern one out of those 3, since it's so two dimensional, but I like 5 as well, although it's not easy to stare at.
4 triggers me because the squares aren't the same size (but you probably tried that and didn't like it). Also turning it 90° would maybe fit the parallel concept more, but then it would kinda look like a Star Wars fighter jet.

Victoria Barr says:

If you don't make "started from the bottom and still on a Tuesday" into something (tag line, tishirt, temp tattoo, mission statement), that's a missed opportunity. Maybe I'll just do it. haha

Atara Tanen says:

Love your videos! Did you once make a document with a list of fonts you like to use? Am I imagining things? If I'm not, I'd love the link 🙂

Ohh Lena says:

I like 3 and 4 the most but I would try to make the parallel Logo to two rectangle shaped P`s

Mista Macho says:

I'd really like to specialize in illustrations like goody drawings and stuff. Something like the Adventure Time artstyle…

Ricquetta Francis says:

i want to specialize in brand identity and motion design!! (two entirely diff things, i know, but im indecisiveeeeee – weeeeeee) ALSO, your music sounds like the building mode music of the sims! Sur goooo.

To masz says:

I just watched the entire ad to show you my respect

Ghetto Melone says:

Honestly I dig all of them 🙁

Felix Isaac says:

what program does he use to do it?

Somnuşor Bă says:

would have tried just the wordmark, saying parallelbut with the 2 or all Ls a bit longer, 'cause they are already parallel shapes 🙂

Pixel & Bracket says:

What about a wordmark playing with the two L's?

Paul Heath says:

Noooice. Which font is the 3rd one?

Hoodoo says:

Zimri, I want to thank you for all your work and immense amount of energy and positivity that you share with us. I had some problems with inspiration recently, couldn't come up with new ideas at all. But after I found your channel, it gave me the power to create again. Thanks for being pure, joyful and extremely good person that loves design to the bottom of your heart!!! You rock!

Jagroop Deol says:

parallel has two "l"s. Why didn't yo tried to play with them.

Mel Jun Halichic says:

got subscribed master 🙂

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