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I hope you enjoy this Speedart!

If you want to see more of my work, you can visit me on dribbble!
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Butta man Ranton says:

NYCE!! @ SHARD..what type of brushes are you using,or is that basic line weight?

Verlain ePock says:

Can you suggest color palette for your design style?

T0MS-GAN says:

Im searching of someone to make mascot for me, i would like you to mail me.

Big Wil says:

How do u make the corners (in the rectangle) sharp like that (like the leaves inside curve….. Hope i made sense). Awesome vid!

RealMrCactus YT says:

Hi i need one like a cactus tho

Syphon Presents says:

LİNK !?_!?!?!

Max Anklowitz says:

What is with all the Germans here I mean I am but I am not competing in German (I do not know much any way but yeah)

Bùi Huy Hiệu says:

Can i use your video for my post on Facebook?

MuteX says:

if any 1 wants a cool logo dm me on skype: doom.doubler

Rapid G says:

damn dude 😀 looks so awesome !

The Game Guys says:

that would look great on a shirt

el_prvfesor says:

How To Download ?

s54461 says:

I want a logo and i use to Shard name for serious but i dont make YouTube video's but for design i want one <3 cya | ur friend

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