Sean Hannity 10/8/18 | Breaking Fox News | October 8, 2018

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Sean Hannity 10/8/18 | Breaking Fox News | October 8, 2018


Mike says:

Maxine Waters period

jane jazzy says:

Thank you Sean for all you do. I am so glad you are on the side of the Republicans, we need you!!

madaz bravo says:


Nicola Speirs says:

I don't understand how the Democrats seem to always bring the race /slavery subject into every thing when it was the republican's who fought for the end of slavery and look at hillary Clinton's mentor for God's sake,the people of America have to wake up to the lies, in fact just look at everywhere the Democrats are in power it's a disaster, WALKAWAY.

Ricky Ricardo says:

The looney left/deep state really need to EAT SHIT AND DIE! They are the poorest excuses for human beings that I've ever seen on this planet – and I've been here for a long time!!!

gregg mikulla says:

Roseanne, 40+ years of genius, life ruined. Colbert writer, Samantha Bee, all fine. I hope all the leftists have a massive protest around a sniper in a birds nest and they all get wiped out in one fell swoop.

david abney says:

If you love this country, its Founding Fathers, the principals that made this nation the greatest ever, then please do not let the democrats continue to destroy it, by not voting republican this November! The democrats and their paid-for protestors are as anti-American as you can get. Get out and vote straight republican this November. Don't make the mistake of NOT voting, thinking that right is going to win over wrong. Democrat vote fraud will be present and large numbers are needed to overcome that illegal democrat voting.

william deangelis says:

Soros mafia OR RULE of law our choice election day

Rubmer says:

I bet after the elections, if Republicans win, No Wall, More War, No draining of the swamp, no lock her up and more money for Isreal

Michael LeSage says:

Maxine Water Bag is the ultimate privileged black woman and should keep her crummy mouth shut.

Michael LeSage says:

Hillary Clinton the ultimate privileged white woman has no room to talk.

Michael LeSage says:

New York Times,how many people that work there are white ?

Michael LeSage says:

The left wing Democrats have dispatched the perfect partisan peabrain youth wing to sow discourse and violence across the Country. These ass wipes need to go home and get back to their miserable lives.

Rose M says:

LINDA SARSOUR, a radical terrorist sympathiser is one of the leaders of these left Dem protesters, so it is no surprise that these people are beginning to chant, look, behave and act like Hamas terrorists.

KAREN SQ says:

The democrats have shown how evil they are. Power at any price. Disgusting.

Donn Burge says:

f ed up I'm out of here commercial every 2 minutes, unsub…..

Donn Burge says:

playing so many ads it's not worth watching this channel anymore what's up……?.

JoJo C says:

Gender traitors ? Are they talking about transgender people ? Or are they talking about gays and lesbians ? What the hell is that sounds like a phrase for my Nazi handbook

JoJo C says:

Liberal corruption hate and lies it's like watching a bad rerun because someone is forcing you by gunpoint to watch the television

JoJo C says:

Give us the Pfizer reports

JoJo C says:

In 29 days do you want to love or do you want to hate do you want the truth or do you want lies do you want to have hope for tomorrow or do you want nothing to look forward to

Saveea Paris says:


carolyn thompson says:

Vote Red in November. Vote early. Early voting is open now. #MAGA

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