WAIT, WHAT? Astronomy with Kimora Blac and Mariah Balenciaga

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Kimora Black and Mariah Balenciaga test their knowledge of Astronomy!

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hxlxnska says:

the thing about kimora is how confidently she is with those answers GIRL lmao

melqui rivera says:

Ya they look prettier with their mouths shut they have not even 1 % of funny

John Fields says:

this whole series is depressing and demeaning

Queen Bee says:

Is kimora really that stupid or is it just an act? No shade just concerned for her safety.
Red means stop
Stove is hot dont touch.
Hope these help^_^

Hailey says:

Why do I have a deja vu watching this?

Ryan Scott says:

Ms. Mariah listed Uranus first. We all know what's on her mind.

Salvador Rodríguez says:


Christian Fung says:

This is honestly so fucking entertaining

Venus Araya says:

I love and live for Mariah

irishwench333 says:

I just can't with Kimora, that's way too little to even talk to.
Mariah, yes, she is always a treat

Sarah Jessica Parker's nose says:

okay if kimora isn't acting I'm genuinely concerned.

Zevenen 70 says:

Mariah is a smart cookie.. this is acting. Kimora on the other hand…

jesse flo says:

Kimora is so dumb.

Blue Red Yellow Green says:

Mariah looks — well, fishy — like she about to go off on Kimora. I live for these two pescados.

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