Analyst stuns with response to Christine Ford question

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During a discussion on the allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, CNN political analyst and Republican Andre Bauer was asked what he would say to his daughter if she were in the shoes of Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.


BeeElectric says:

Shut up Bitch.
Take ur BS and go somewhere else.

Freddie Yerman says:

He's absolutely correct. "Wow" my ass.

Bob Baker says:

WOW are there a bunch of DUMB ASS and BUTT HURT liberals on here today!! I love seeing ALL these liberal tears…:)))))))))))

Amanda Douglass says:

Ford dropped all charges and doesn't want to continue. She made a mockery of real sexual assault victims. She's taking all you liberal saps' go fund me money and riding into the sunset. You got played! This proves it was a political hitjob.

Keaton Podhajsky says:

Cringe fest

phillip watson says:

Christine Ford is a lying joke as is the crap news network.

Bo Hunter says:


Nuance6 says:

And this proves why republicans have no shame

Nanda Righty says:

What if your son or brother was accused of abuse, but they denied and the girl's validity is questionable? Then what? Who do you believe?

Joanne James says:

Again the CNN interviewer can't ask any USEFUL questions and that woman on the right, Maria Cardona (?) with her screeching indignation to the gentleman on the left (of the screen) is once again a pathetic example of how low the wacky "news readers" (called reporters at CNN) in this country will go to support a/their point when there is NO honest and realistic support to contention. And YES Ms. Maria on the right there, I would get my child some help IF I found that her reporting of a crucial event could not be supported by any of the witnesses that she herself provided. I would believe that she was in need of some sort of psychological/legal/psychiatric assistance WHILE continuing to love and support her as my child. Don't be ridiculous.

This interviewer is a dope

OMG please just let this woman on the right of the screen just SHUT UP…….Yikes she's exhausting and tiresome.

russell campbell says:

If this guy has a stellar record as a judge, it leaves me wondering about the ability it takes to be a judge. He came across as a mentally flawed and fragile person. He also told some barefaced lies in order to protect his reputation. What is a devil's triangle? (watch for the double take reaction) – it's a "drinking game". He did, however, seem to tell the truth about his love of beer.

Madame Poovie says:


lou poh says:

GOP?…all white male club?…….

Gloria Cook says:

WHY ? Here’s your chance America. November elections are your time to fix up the stuff you made in 1916 . Don’t balls it up! John Cook . Australia

jhn mrak says:

You are only innocent until proven guilty if its a court of law??? Really, that how it works? So going forward all are guilty until you can prove you are not in all other circumstances except court? Ok. I believe this lady is not only lying but she cheated on her husband with the weatherman. She committed fraud and if I'm not mistaken, when she was 18 she slept with a 16-year-old boy. So she is also a pedophile. PROVE YOU DIDNT DO THIS EVIL WOMEN!!!

sam trevers says:

Man, there’s something wrong with you lot

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