The Mother of All Bubbles! Global Economy Needs Massive BAILOUT To Prevent Deflation!

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The Money GPS says:

Do you think it’s possible to reverse the financial madness?

vairavan vairavan says:

The fed balance sheet in 2008 was 800 billion, now fed balance sheet is 4.5 trillion dollars. So trillions of dollars have been printed. In effect, this should have produced massive inflation in double digits, but inflation is still running very low around 2%, why, what happened to all the money, how the money evaporated, ECB and BoJ are also telling that,we are printing money in tonnes thro' asset purchase, but no inflation. Why, do a thorough research and publish.

Brettagher says:

If money velocity breaks out after being dormant for so long we're going to see some price inflation.

8dollarmarsbars says:

mother of all bubbles = moab = massive oradance air blast = kaboom!

Andre K. says:

2 min. You're welcome.

Kenneth Venable says:

You're working off 3 year old data

inner dinosaur says:

The markets can't be fixed boom and bust boom and bust since day one peace peeps

at0M X says:

I look forward to maximum damage. I will be entertained. There is not much as satisfying as witnessing fools get exactly what they deserve and then acting surprised. I wish the worst

Antonio Vistcoatis says:

Its as if we never learn…. Nope the bankers learn, they know this stuff will blow up they do not care they want to scratch out as much as possible. Greed not stupidity. What is stupid is the common folk fall for it all the time. Who will get burned when the bubble burst, not the bankers or the wealthy, nope will be the middle folk. Sadly there is no way to get out of it now and it is really hard to actually be fully prepared financially for the collapse.

Peter Wilson says:

Perhaps Monday the 24th will unveil the truth.

Andy49 says:

You should make an interview with Tino Sanandaji concerning the Swedish Housing market and fiscal politics.

Gabriel Shear says:

Whatever you do just keep watching those ads !.
The crash is coming in 2012 ..
2013 .
2014 .
2015 .
First quarter of 2018 .
Second quarter of 2018 .
September of 2018 .
By the end of 2018 .
Early 2019 .
Just keep watching .. Watching those ads so he gets a commission !.

Banana Bandana says:

The value of my home went down $5000
In Tacoma WA since 1 month ago according to red fin
But amazon is building another depot in Seattle so sadly I feel like we will get pumped up more
And sound transit is building a train from south to north
So Seattle employees will be more likely to move down and commute up but the train won’t be done for years
And is costing us $300 a year for car tabs.

Lucas Nielsen says:

Seeing our charts go through 1929’s numbers and remembering it ended up in WW2 makes you think on buying land just to dig a hole and scape fallout.

Sgt says:

Anyone have any advice on how stay safe if this happens? What assests are good. Crypto, gold etc?

Daniel Howell says:

So what happened to the missing 21 trillion

bardez1963 says:

Thanks for explaining it so well. This bubble and boom is an extended run, with no precedent. Could this be the new normal?

David Calhoun says:

Thank you for your work

Josh White says:

Abolish the stock market and the central banks the only way to restore normality and let people breath , to continually have to make a profit puts to much stress on business and people and throw in continual growing house prices I just can’t see how it is sustainable it can’t keep going up and up and up , let’s get back to trading goods for actual money and he value of a dollar stays at one dollar ! Fuck it’s not that hard

T.T le says:

2020 will the year. Look out!

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