Painting Bodies to Answer, “What If We Could See Chronic Pain?”

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For Pain Awareness Month, we asked: What if we could see chronic pain? Here’s what we learned.


Psych-Minded says:

Wow. I can totally relate. I have dealt with autoimmune diseases for my entire adult life and suffered from chronic pain for nearly a decade after being diagnosed with cancer as a teenager. It is amazing how little people understand about chronic pain and the impact it can have on one's life and mental state. Really great video!

Amanda June says:

This inspires me to do this for myself one day, to do a photo shoot for my own self validation. I have chronic sinusitis, ibs, interstitial cystitis, chronic fatigue, and many many more issues. Thank you for always being so creative in bringing awareness to invisible illnesses!

Identity Theft Victim says:

I would paint my body entire body red and then use black paint to show the even more severe pain spots.

Fibry Halla Fanani says:

Oh, God, I probably have this as well. I need to see doctor then.

Eline S says:

Thank you ❤️

sid2tiger6 says:

This is amazing. For me it would be my right ankle, my left knee and my stomach because of gastroparesis and gerd. Chronic pain is hard but because people can’t see it, and since I’m 26, they don’t understand why i need accommodations or why I have to spend so much time lying down. Great video!

Victoria S. says:

So true I'm 14 and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and it's hard for people to understand how I feel everyday and it hurts to go up the stairs and it hurts my back and I just can't go to school but I need to because of the law and I'll also miss something important and it will make me stressed but I cant do anything about it and I have really bad chronic fatigue and I'm really considering getting a cane

amina muhammad says:

They would have to paint nearly my entire body, because my fibromyalgia is not a joke.

Ana Leigh says:

This is so amazing. I have EDS and a spinal cyst and those keep me from doing most things, but I’m 16, and people often just assume I’m being lazy. They don’t know how hurtful their words can be. Sometimes the healthy looking teen needs the elevator or the last seat in the room

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