Nuclear Pasta May Be the Strongest Material Ever | SciShow News

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There is some super weird, noodley stuff inside neutron stars and scientists have found evidence that black holes can have strange geometries.

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13orrax says:

false. nuclear pasta is what the italians were working on during ww2 while everyone else was working on nuclear bombs

Adalet12 says:

Nuclear Pasta?

Italy starts it's Space Program
Mama Mia, italian pasta is'a best pasta

Mecrom says:

Stop making me hungry

GD RedRaspy says:

The real question is…

Can you eat it?

Zagat Null says:

Smiling all time look like you trying to convince me that earth is flat.

A Fidget Spinner says:

I really want to use the word 'nuclear antispaghetti' in a conversation.

Joseph Taylor says:

Wow… That's some creepy pasta you got there

the dank soul says:

the italians have all the best shiz

sorry for the late joke

Kittsuera says:

You just know they had to have had this break through during dinner at an Italian restaurant. ;D

Wonder if it is the best tasting pasta in the universe too…

Wonder if it can give you super powers…

More research is needed.

Deivid Rumiancew says:

Besides scientific news I wonder whether her hair is in its "natural formation" or curled artificially?
Because it looks really interesting… 🙂

AkaiAzul says:

So God really IS Italian and that’s why the Vatican is in Italy!

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