‘The Debrief’: Kavanaugh investigation, Trump rallies Mississippi, MLB playoffs | ABC News

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Michael Marette says:

I live in the state of Connecticut..about 36 percent is Republican and 60 percent Democrat and the rest you coukd say is independent..
Im not going to rehash the entire criminal satanic element of DNC party..it would take too long and ive done so for over 2 years.
I'll just simply say that what the Democrats have finally done now to the nation through Kavanaugh is going to be i think the reason for there to no longer be a democratic party..i think this event will wipe out the DNC forever as they have finally overplayed there hand.
When you make statements like the Senator from Hawaii did saying all women are to be believed over men..there is only one way to look at it..pure fucking evil..and essentially the DNC is saying that women should enslave men like whites once did to blacks…
Now i really didnt realize how badly democracts fucked up this time when several democracts who either approached me or i just bumped into having casual conversations with and the kavanaugh scenario came up.
One man in particular voted Democrat all his life and twice voted for Obama said he would never vote Democrat again and fuck the democracts and they should all burn in hell..
Now again..i live in a fairly liberal democratic state…and im just going to say if this man and others like him are this pissed off and they are registered Democrats and voted that way all their lives..i just don't see how the DNC is going to make it..
Trying to be a political party that hates all men..think about it..how can you win any election without the male vote? You cant?
The DNC didn't just isolate white men like They did in 2016 which was bad enough since they are the biggest voting block…now they have isolated all men..how…you say?
The Democratic Senator from Hawaii when she said if a women says something its to be believed over the man..not due process and not innocent until proven guilty but now they want to subvert all justice by saying your automatically guilty until proven innocent.
Guilty until proven innocent is about as pure evil as the DNC party can get and saying that a woman can allege anything at all against a man without a court of law and the man is automatically guilty..now they have crossed the mind and pure evil regardless of party affiliation can always see right through that..
And in do doing the DNC has signed their own death warrant!!

Alan Field says:


Jimmy Altos says:

TRUMP 2020


Hachikō says:

During (me) watching the hearing, I drank more water that day, than, any other day!

David Coleman says:

Trump McConnell and the GOP want a KANGAROO COURT to RAILROAD Kavanaugh into the Supreme Cout to DESTROY the Constitution.

mmldmm says:

should be CAMUS

Claudy TheArtist says:

How could any Democrat go before the Supreme Court and expect a neutral and unbiased hearing from a Justice Kavanaugh? Imagine had Kavanaugh slammed the Republicans before the entire nation? Republicans may think it’s okay to have far right conservative rulings by a Court Mitch McConnell manipulated but perhaps it’s time the majority exercise its absolute power and just simply change the Court? Certainly unprecedented like McConnell’s picks…

Nancy Hunt-McDonald says:

Thumbs up to the FBI investigation being able to expand its scope of work into the Kavanagh hearing. Thumbs down to any rally Agent Orange ever does. Is it me or does all of his rallies look like he just went to trailer parks and rounded up the Pabst Blue Ribbon crowd, with all those tacky red baseball caps and T-shirts, and said come on down to our good ole' boy rally? I mean really. These people look just like the Jim Jones cult people except all white. They look like if they had two brain cells between them they would fight over sharing those. Just say no to the Narcissistic megalomaniacs all about my lies get together in high school gymnasiums. These are just the height of slow trains for brains family reunions.

just Sarah says:

The leather on the laptop is a bad idea. Overheating, spills and general wear and tear would be their downfall.

Orange Cheetolini says:

They always go where their racist buddies are located LOL….Always these backwoods and cities of racist hillbilly rednecks

John McCall says:

omg, Stop the presses, IN 1985 Kavanaugh got in a fight, oh shit we have to stop functioning now!!
but we are going to ignore the 23 times Ford purjuryered herself on the stand!! Democrats are making the justice system look like a 3 ring circus!! what a fucking joke!! if this whole thing isn't proof Democrats are trying to do away with American constitutional rights!!


and after his EPIC rant………i have concluded that Kavanaugh…..IS…..and has ALWAYS been…..a belligerent drunk………..we ALL have seen them at parties………….they are the ones that chug a 6 pack….do 3 shot of Tequila….start a fight……grope someone's wife…..then curl up in a fetal position……blubbering like a child begging to be forgiven…..then get angry again when nobody forgives them.

John McCall says:

if the demon-craps get their way they will be having police check your phone every time your stopped, demon- craps want to do away with the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment

This Awesome Channel says:

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