Putin responds to charges Trump’s election was influenced by Russia

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“I do not think that President Trump was somehow compromised. He was elected, people voted for him,” Russian President Vladimir Putin tells special correspondent Ryan Chilcote. Some people “may not want to respect the opinions of the electors and voters in the U.S., but it’s not our business.”
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Steele and Kiersten Hogg says:

Putin has been making mistake after mistake. Russian people know it. Russian government doesn't represent the people. Most Russians want to be respected and not have to win by force all the time. Opportunities to be successful outside of the mafia are dwindling, Russians have been through this before and they don't like it.

perryandy2 says:

I'm Vladimir Putin – putta there

Truth Seeker says:

Hillary's loss had nothing to do with Putin or Russia. There I said it, now hate me. Post all of your insults below, thank you.

Firstname Lastname says:

Lol..the audience laughing at such foolishness as so called Russiagate

Jeremy Serwer says:

If you were stupid enough to vote for trump then thats what happened. Russia may have been using ads and bots but it comes down too your susceptibility to racism and fear. Trump has been bankrolled by Russian oligarchs and trump and administration use the blue print of racism, autocracy and theocratic rule which as become the Russian way ever since Putin has held the highest office. The same thing is happening in many European countries and near east countries. The alignment of Autocracies is well under way and that's why trump wants to weaken NATO and the EU so he can realign with Russia.

Léo Pold says:

Liar of them all.

Matt Hoyte says:

audio issues?

Mike says:

"I do not think President Trump is somehow compromised." No shit. He knows that Trump is completely compromised.

Make Racists Afraid Again says:

Putin is the biggest Threat to America and the West on the Earth.
Putin is the biggest Criminal one this planet.
Putin is a Murdering Monster and a Soulless Lier.
A Spy Master can NEVER be Trusted.
Trump is Putin’s Puppet.
America is at war with Russia.
Sad for this great nation.

Annie says:

Putard needs to be assassinated. The world would be a better place.
The Russian's will be able to live a life of freedom and not have their money taken or their lives.
I always wish that the next BREAKING NEWS is PUTIN WAS ASSASSINATED!
That would be music to my ears.
The DEMON is disgusting and a mass murderer…

Zero Cool says:

Best number 1 dictator of all times!
(Heavy Russian accent)

G. G says:

Why do we care about what Putin want!?!?

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