Envelope suspected of holding ricin addressed to Trump: Authorities

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Two other envelopes sent to the defense secretary and a Joint Chiefs member tested positive for the substance.




PJ Brown says:

No ABC, the headline Should read:



zigyzigy13 says:

This could possibly be done by the white nationalists by themselves in order to play the "victim card" while blaming the others who oppose them at the same time.
The possibility of tricks that can be used by the whites are countless.

Edwards James says:

Like Trump is opening letters…

He don't got time for that shit!!

Fake news!

steve clapper says:

The police state justifying itself.

princess bell says:

What sort of moron even believes that anyone they are targeting even opens their own mail?! This sort of thing is appauling and STUPID. CUT THE CRAP!!

cstuff says:

false flag operation from the dotards own office..a distraction tactic.

Sara H says:

That's funny because the president doesn't open the mail, they have people who do that.

Ancestral Mage says:

They say Trump is a fascists but only faacists kill people for power or opposing thoughts. Pea brain idiots.

Christene Ledoux says:

Good thing no mail workers were harmed. I'll leave it at that.

Fortitudine Vincimus says:

Why even attempt this? It never works because the president doesn't open his own mail.

Slump famous X X says:

would been nice if it actually got to him

Dd T says:

LIBERALISM is TERRORISM, act accordingly when dealing with subhuman domestic terrorist democrats.

Karen McCann says:

I'm sure it is a fanatical leftist that sent those letters. They are all crazy in the head. They're like drones. They should start there own damn cult. It's like the left were invaded by body snatchers. Pathetic people.

Thomopolus Rex says:

You can't mail any known poisons to the president.
You gotta send it FedEx.

Sweegy Swag says:

I’ve lost count of how many times someone’s sent something insidious to a American government office. I’m glad it’s not widespread. Shits scary and hard to prevent

Rich vitamin Dさま says:

I knew Heisenburg survived.

Silly Goose says:

Lol lucky for him it wasn't in a diet coke.

Herman Soot says:

Here come the liberal cocksuckers with their shit comments!

L. Langhorn says:

Come on people. Get your shit together. Yes trump is terrible… Gaaaawd sooooo terrible, but don't stoop to such a nasty level. Be bigger than that. Vote. Vote in every level of government. Vote every time. Make your voice matter. One stupid act such as this does nothing.. Even if the goals achieved… It probably would even work against the cause. It would be seen as extremist.. Etc. It would give momentum to the wrong side. Vote when the time comes, every time. A smart (wo)man does not wage war with weapons, (s)he wages war with intellect and words.

nina nadir says:

I won't be surprised if gop did this themselves. who would be so stupid as to think trxxp opens his own mails? this tactic has been used to often in many "shithole countries". won't be surprised if gop did this to stimulate their base.

Daniel Miranda says:

Honestly, I find it sick that people joke about this kinda stuff. If you dont completely condemn these actions, you are condoning it. It doesnt matter who you disagree with, what happened to being civil and not acting like complete animals. #MAGA

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