Denver Nuggets vs LA Lakers – Full Game Highlights | Sept 30, 2018 | NBA Preseason

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Gerlan Mercadal says:

James played 15 minutes

Van Allen says:

McGee is one of best GSW rim protector now they lost it….

Westy says:

Haha, Lebron sucks! LA ain't even gonna make the playoffs this year. There's going to be a lot of finger pointing and LA's locker room is going to go up in flames.

こうや says:

RevlonJames is very good Player.

Maria Zhecoslovakia says:

lakers is a very weak team its better for james to join houston rockets the tormentors of warriors

Al Delgado says:

No D like always, boring

Marc Aldrich G. Yuhengco says:

Javale and Ingram are monster and the rest is a trash! Trash!!!¡

Marc Aldrich G. Yuhengco says:

Javale still have a heart of the dub gsw. What a monster.

Joaquin Gimenez says:

Adviser qualify finance west many please hospital route aircraft.

Фоппа says:

who spilled their tin of paint on the court?

fery kurniawan says:

lakers will find difficulties later..the roster its too crowded with talented players

Darren1000 says:

Lakers no va a play offs desde ya se los digo

Basik says:

The Lakers should get Jimmy Buttler

ricardo vazquez says:


Edwin Caluspos says:

Lakers need jr smith

Karl trembath says:

At least they're kinda interesting to watch. I don't see them winning it all but they're fun to watch

Amore C-P says:

LeBron finally has a team

skinnygoat says:

People. It's pre-season (avoiding injuries, getting warmed up, getting chemistry right, gellin), That's what it's about; Not winning. First week or 2 of regular season – same. After that – it rolls.

Laura Perez says:

Lakers are doing very well with passes and passes leads to great teamwork witch is the best skill to have ,so there on fire!

Even though they lost…..

Tameng Pomad says:

i hate when Lakers lost

Dale Bell says:

Y tf is rondo starting over lonzo

Lebron James says:

Keep up Bron. I support you.

Wilson De Lemos says:

LA is sucks because James enter into thier team.

Charme Ward says:

Finally lbj got help

Terry Jones says:

Birch and birch u no

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