Getting some air, Atlas?

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SpaceWalk says:

I can't wait to get murdered by one of these

Олег Олег says:

Guys, you are awesome, and you will destroy our planet)

Ronnie Girardot says:

What gender does it identify as?

Mirza Khalid says:

Just imagine these are fitted with titanium armors and and modeled after Iron Man design then that will make a real difference in Warfare and Battle zones

butt dickenz says:

please make the bot into a cute girl

Sergiuss555 says:

imagine having a jogging partner like this?

akshaya sandilya says:

fuckin chappy

Scott Woodcock says:

It makes one hell of a racket! "DO YOU LIKE MY NEW ATLAS SIMON!? JUST GOT ONE THE OTHER DAY!"

Shrivatsan K Chari says:

Yeah science bitch!

Emrah B. says:

Koşarken ben yoruldum aq

Haydo says:

What pronoun do they prefer?

Awash Barbecue says:

I believe in the future, robots will have the right to vote.

JS Lee says:

어메이징하면서 무섭다…

0000 0000 says:

sooo much money, so useless thing….

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