Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 29.09.2018, NBA Preseason

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MLG Highlights says:

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aman mohamed says:

Bro I thought I was watching old Drose highlights! Only if he stayed healthy

Rochambeau 21 says:

Guess this means GS will go 0-82 this season lol.

Zion Z4 says:

2:37 travel? Refs already missing calls in pre-season

Stoner4LyfThatCan'tSmoke says:


Jonas Chang says:

2:50 Quinn Cook lost his shoe

Jakeeym says:

1 like=1 prare for D Rose to stay healthy

SavageAvery says:

Where’s jimmy at?

Larry O says:

DJ looks lost

415kelvin says:

missed the old pa announcer 🙁

Luke Han says:

1st off to everybody out here loyal 2 D ROSE much love & respect! I've been loyal since day 1 & couldn't believe MN. Would bring him here. Now with butler gone i really dont know wtf holds in our future. But i must say we're the best after a game win against curry & the bay area boys. Good win. Like 4 D ROSE mvp 2018-2019

Syahla zhafira says:

Where is Nick Young?

Sydney Gonzaga says:

I hope drose can maintain he's Healthy.

Jonathan Simmons says:

Yo tyler ulis finna get a ring

Miguel Parrone says:

Butler demanded a trade because they will face the warriors in their first game

Dnahc says:

D.Rose 16 points in 20 minutes! YES ROSE!!!!

Alex Giancola says:

Warriors loses won’t happen to often this year

A GamersWorld says:

For all the haters saying warriors suck, calm down its preseason and they play the warriors bench typically in 4th quarter to gey a,better look at how they do in regular season this is typical warriors basketball.

jfrd072891 says:

Rose should just change his playing style into something similar to Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, and Rip Hamilton.
That oughta prolong his career. And I know he has the skills to do it.
Even despite injuries, he's still faster than most shooting guards.

Shingeki no kyojin Season 2 says:

KAT is still physically weak lol

Caleb U says:

It's not the warriors if they don't lose the always lose the first game back

Cody Codeine says:

I kno its pre season but warriors do gotta get a better bench add one more two way player or another shooter .

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