Dotti’s Smart Grocery Shopping TIps

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Dotti’s Smart Grocery Shopping TIps

I share some ideas I have about making good choices when you are out buying groceries.

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INTJ Island says:

I think you should come onto my channel for an interview. We'll call it "An INTJ interviews his beautiful ESTP soulmate. What do you think? :-)"

Bonni Feltz says:

Glad that you are doing video's now. There are great tips in your video. I"ve been following your website for a long time and it is my go to site for reality check on fast food places.

MD says:

Yikes is right on the yogurt. Its amazing how we can over estimate or unfortunately under estimate. But one and done , your good. Thank goodness for those weekly extras. They are like the "break glass in case of emergency" points. LOL I love using my WWer scanner at the grocery store. I love the "do you want to wear it " idea !!! Keep up the great work Dottie, love your new channel.

Julie White says:

So true! If I go hungry & don't have a list all kinds of stuff goes in the cart. That is one of the main reasons I shop from a list & try to only buy those items. Great video! You look wonderful! KUTGW!

Kathy Coen says:

Great video and you are looking great!!!

INTJ Island says:

Great job Babe! This is your best video so far. 🙂 I love you!!!

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