World Series of Spades – Astronomy Club

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Live from a family barbecue in Queens, two announcers give running commentary on a backyard game of spades.

About Astronomy Club:
Using genre storytelling and TV parodies to skewer culture, Astronomy Club – starring the improv group of the same name – takes on everything from dating in the digital age to race relations and gender dynamics in this sketch series.

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momoland supporter says:

Make me miss key and peele

Kevin Quizhpe says:

Still can't get over Dave huh?

TheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer says:

Seeing this…. im happy to be white. This is ofc comedy and all put into scene cuz we all know how it real goes down with them. But then again just look in the world, everywhere where the white men went and stayed, there is prosperity, structure and a good foundation. Now go look at the rest of the world. (ofc there are exceptions, but that goes the same for some black people.)

What you guys have over there we have here with all the muzzie's, say one thing and ur a racist but the fact to the matter is these days the white's getting discriminated.
There is a reason of why someone with some money move to white neighborhoods cuz every other place for them is a shithole.

But please go on with this shit, make the gap between colors bigger and bigger…. ow and don't forget blaming and flaming the whites for that.

local_3_Proud says:

I hope Dave got paid for this

Masa Price says:

This shit dry af

Richard Averitt says:

Spades playing spades

JR R says:



I don't know how I feel about this! Smh!!!

theylied1776 says:

Poor Comedy Central. Both the Dave Chappelle Show and Key & Peele did this sketch better.

Artemis says:

What's the thing about racial humor? How is nobody talking about this!?

J davi says:

Dave Chappelle show was the world series of craps how about something new Comedy Central

J davi says:

Comedy Central still trying to make another Dave Chappelle Show

Paul Angel Martinez says:

Yoooo, that shit was funny. Forreals.

Enity Gaming says:

That was good especially the end and the stupidest part was

Read more

Chris Gibson says:

Comedy gold!.. well, until you made it about race. Really getting sick of that.

Enity Gaming says:

I am within the first 500 views yes

MythicMykal says:

10th, 🙂

Ima just like my own comment cause no one else will <o/

ChidoriSnake says:

Crank Lucas did it first.

The Listen Doctor says:

Lol this is funny

BLÅk Tsar says:

I'm black but my dick is like 6inches and I can't get these hoes to suck me off for some reason and i don't wanna go Cosby

Daniel Hill says:

Why doesn't this channel have a play list?

Bogs Nation says:

key an pee? lost?

Monib Mihrabizada says:

Where is key and peel?

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