The War in Syria: Thousands of people have left besieged anclave

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Russia and Turkey reached a deal to try to stop a regime offensive in Idlib, the last remaining rebel-held territory in Syria. And so far it’s been successful. TRT World’s Sara Firth took a dangerous journey to bring this exclusive report about the rebels in Idlib province, and how they feel about this latest deal.
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A. Smit says:

So which rebel group is shown in this video? Who needs images without an explanation or analysis? Do the locals support these fighters? And what about the radical jihadists in Idlib? Without such details this is meaningless footage.

Khalid Zahra says:

Terrorist sympathizer this media

Al Kuffar says:

Turkey funds Terrorism has played a principle role in Destabilizing syria by facilitating takfiri terrorism acting as a Transit point still continues to do so, Hiring Foreign reporters won't make you look any Less terrorists.

pranali ahir says:

we world trust russia

pranali ahir says:

pakistan is headquarters of terrorism aqeeda mishra osama created by fund of America british uk france israel saudi korea china fund to political of pakistan to grow terrorism so that this can be used to attack countrys to get their oil and money in name of helping them

like iraq Afghan punia yemen syria and many

Barry Irlandi says:

Russia is to Syria as American is to Israel… The day they withdraw their support is the day the Muslims retake their land!

Νοsawa. says:

Yeah because the destruction in zones like Hama,Damacus and Homs are work of the mother nature, we all know that those miserable peasant militiamen armed with crumbs from the WWII can not cause such destruction smh

ctguy591 says:

Hey Muslims , dont you know russia killed thousands of Muslims in Chechnia then took over the whole country ? What do you think will happen in Syria after the russians poison Assad ?

ale rossi says:

'' Free syrian Army '' ???? where ??? I see only  hard line jihadist terrorists

marco hanse says:

How Putin and Assad think that they can win this war. Fsa headquarters are in Turkey. Rebel head quarters a in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Along the borders you have thousands of Wahaby teachers training orphans who's parents were killed by Assad. Then you have unlimited finances to these orphans. The Taliban are all orphans created by a similar war in Afganistan. Don't be dillusional! Only if Assad invades Britain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey will this war be over!

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