Incoming Q4 Bitcoin Bull Run? [Cryptocurrency News & Motivation]

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There will be a Q4 Bitcoin bull run, if history is any factor! Watch the video!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Let’s go over today’s recent news and talk about a Quarter 4 bull run.

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Google Reverses Crypto Ban:

75 Banks Have Joined JPMorgan in Blockchain:

Tether (USDT) Is Off The Hook: There Is Zero Evidence To Prove That It Was Used To Manipulate Bitcoin’s Price, Study Says


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Bargain Hunters Paradise says:

Subbed great video

puertoricanboy50 says:

I dont know you and i love you man! Greetings from Puerto Rico. Cryptos are the future!

Paddle Partner says:

Good Stuff! 2-3 Weeks……..

BitCoinArmy says:

You guys have to pump the Sh!t up to the moon to have any hope of getting some of your money back, the dummies aren't as thick these days as they were last year

BitCoinArmy says:

Q4 is here dummies, fill the bags, do it, do it!

Nome-G says:

XRP’s Swell conference is Oct 1-2 with some pretty big speakers and no matter how you feel about Ripple I think this conference can spark a Q4 Run up

Jam Woh says:

Threw a like up for the content, but subbed after I saw you calling out the scammers in the comments.

Justrade says:

Do you think ELA will do well? seems like its ready to move.

Black Hat says:

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Manuel Cevallos says:

I’m excited too bro! Finally Q4 2018!!!

jc123rules says:

I gave up waiting for the bull market, joined this pump group last weekend and made over 1k in 60 seconds no joke. Next one this Saturday 😉

Marc sl says:

Love this channel guys ! Yessss Q4 is nearly here this is my first upcoming bull run, these last 9 months have so painful for me in regards to my personal life ( losing my dad ) I feel crypto has been here to take my mind off how hard this year has been for me . Great work once again, as I've guys we are all in interesting times . #weareearlyadopters

Double D Skate says:

I love your videos bro. Normally have coffee in the mornings and check out the newest episode!

I would like your opinion on INS. Have you invested in them? They’re sort of new, but I think it relates to what you said in this episode about grocers adopting blockchain tech. What do you think about the block chain potentially phasing out the third party grocery providers like Walmart?

joe c says:

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Raoul Dam says:

I think you bring up good facts but I also think that there's quite more needed for a sentiment change.

When everyone expects a bull run and prices to go up, chance is likely it's not going to happen.

I think the bear market will extend a little while longer. I believe in mass adoption of Dapps and decentralised tech though!

shawn harmony says:

i m sorry for the investors who are scared or selling their BTC because of the sudden fall. my manager Mr Shawn Harmony ( shawnharmony4@gmail,com) who makes me not less than 4500$ every week advised this is the best time to invest in BTC because it will shoot up to 30 thousand when it starts rising don"t be scared contact him to take a wise step as a wise investor don"t be fooled

David Williams says:

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jhemes amaral says:

esse cara faturou o valor de R$ 160.548,25 se liga

Jesse Miyoshi says:

TE-Food (TFD) is already being used to track farm to table in south asian countries.

Crypto Mi-Fi says:

I found value and gave it a "like"

Andrew Kay says:

Vechain & te-food two of the best. Great content btw

egwim chukwuebuka says:

what do you think about Zebi and phantasma coin

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