Summary – Stage 1 – Tour de France 2018

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From Saturday 7th of July to Sunday 29th of July 2018, the 105th Tour de France includes 21 stages for a total length of 3 351 kilometers.

GAVIRIA RENDON Fernando won the stage in Fontenay-le-Comte before SAGAN Peter and KITTEL Marcel.
GAVIRIA RENDON Fernando is the Yellow Jersey.

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Ben Larsen says:

Does anyone know what music was used for this video? letour does not credit any artists.

Matt G says:

What the hell NBC Sports put the full race up on YouTube no one watches cable television anymore!

Jeremy Kitto says:

Had to throw this out there. All the commentators they have on NBC SN for the tour are normally are male X-cyclists, where are the women cyclist commentators ? Get rid of that one “square peg” they have and put a female up there.

Brotato Lifestyle says:

Kittel best sprinter

flickdahop says:

Sagan didnt have him. lets see how many victories ha can gain this year.

David Deboy says:

We need a raid on this now looking for any PEDs. It's already so apparent that PEDs are being used. Just sad for the tour overall and pressure from sponsors should completely go away.

David Deboy says:

Still too many PEDs being used obviously.

Steebz Sta says:

This summary is to introduction to the sprint, or clearly show what happens in last meters. Please show a summary of the last kilometers aswell.

vinm300 says:

The first question interviewers ask :
"Have you got asthma ?".

김용택 says:

중간에 멈춰 있다가 출발한 것은 뭐죠?

Don Quijote de la Mancha says:

I'm so happy for Colombia papa!!

Frontrunner on the road says:

Go Dumoulin

rtcharge says:

The world feed commentary is terrible. Bring back Phil & Paul

Christian D says:

Gaviria was my main man in Velogames TdF. RIP Velogames.

james KAR says:

anglos and rats are banned from the TOUR.

Act Naturally says:

Highlights should be longer, its a 5-6 hour race, a 4:08m video is not long enough! Give us 20-30 minutes please!

Cez Ramone says:

Man Of THe Day!Fast as a "Lighting" strike / El Hombre Del Día Vamos! Como "Un Rayo"

complex says:

These tourist brochure Summaries give poor coverage of many key moments. Disappointing.

Marcelknio Canio Vergara says:

Gaviria muy bien en su mejor momento! Fino.

zacharycat says:

Froome is a marked man.

michael mottlau says:

Team Quick-Step Floors must have a recipe for a very strong soup this season – 47 victories this season.

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