Fewer Women Believe Kavanaugh Accuser than Men, Huffington Post Reported

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Tom Chan says:

Where is the link for the poll?

Pat Walker says:

Churchy molesters — they're the worst.

juan Jones says:

Racist beck.

Roy Klopfenstein says:

Huffy post? California. Which are women and which are men?

Andrew Gibbs says:

This doesn't surprise me at all . Women are catty, most of them hate each other.

Donnie Darko says:

28% of men think they’ll get laid.

Charles Grindstaff says:

I’ve actually studied administration of justice not uncommon. Women are often more critical of other women so they’re more likely to jump on holes in their story even if those holes are a heck of a lot smaller than the current issue. Mind you a lot of things people defined as holes And inconsistent behavior victims are not always such if you actually know the Psychology of victims that of been studied academically as a post to hypothetical and anecdotal responses.

in2surfing says:

She did disservice to us women especially to those who really underwent sexual assault.

Sean Foley says:

Okay girls for that you get a break from making me a sandwich today

Sean Foley says:


Fred Bloggs says:

Love fried chicken!

Michael says:

The Dems are going to lose BIG this fall…

kristina garland says:

this women is a liar

Ashley and Micah English says:

"Why would you want to understand women? Women understand women and they hate each other!"

geraldo reyes says:

Now she is gonna write a book make some money. Is all about the money and fame.

Teresa Gelato says:

We know the democrats don’t want him in. We also know the Russian collusion story they have been pushing for months. And there are a lot of shady things about the story. Did anyone notice the sweet look on Kavanaugh’s face? That’s rare. They look like an honest family to me.

david wagner says:

I know a woman who is still bitter she was dumped 2 week's before prom our senior year and that was 25 years ago. My friend dumped her, asked out another girl who he married 5 years later. Women never forget being scorned.

carolyn thompson says:

The "victim"? She wore a "pink hat" at the "women's march" in LA a year ago. She is a far left liberal. She has an agenda. Any woman with common sense would not believe her since she waited 35 years to be a public victim.

Nancy M says:

That's because most men know other men are dogs

Dale Fuller says:

Am I the only one that thinks Glenn Beck was Stone out of his mind or what and yes I do know that he's recovered addict but I also know he has issues with chronic pain so

Ozark Ed says:

There's nothing credible in her entire accusation. I'm just surprised the Democrats couldn't find a black woman to make the claim so they could also include that he used racial slurs in his attack and get the two for one deal. They must be so deranged by Trump they forgot their own playbook.

Graph Guy says:

I live in a very racially diverse affluent area with a lot of wealthy stay at home moms…. not one of them believes the accuser.

Liberty Cat says:

I’m a woman, a survivor of sexual abuse, and I don’t even believe her!

MeanGreen says:

I honestly don't know how ANYONE can believe her.

Christine Harrington says:

I believe Kavanaugh.

J. Muller says:

That's because they know they would never wait 36 years to report something like this.

yooochoob says:

Soon the supreme court won't be divided by whether justices are Democrat or Republican but by those accused of sexual offences versus those not accused of sexual offences. LOL. Your judiciary is a joke.

Roger Quarton says:

Polls cannot be trusted. Didn't we learn anything from 2016??

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