Station Commander Shares Science with Students

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Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency fielded questions about life and research on the orbital laboratory during an in-flight educational event April 16 with students gathered at Lockview High School in Fall River, Nova Scotia. Hadfield, who is the first Canadian to command the station, is scheduled to return to Earth in mid-May after a five-month mission


Deneuve says:

Explain the water conspiracy theorists

debstar2005 says:

So interesting this guy must be a national treasure in Canada….

Steve Henderson says:

Kinda boring but I got 500th comment.. So that's exciting.

Daxxk says:

chad means lake so lake lake

paulanderson79 says:

What's the rationale behind using a hand held microphone as opposed to a worn one?

Jose sanjur Mendez says:

Ven como se deforma la esfera que cree que tiene en la mano?¿?

Jose sanjur Mendez says:

Claramente se nota que está sujetado con arnes

emilio laban ramirez says:

Thanks for sharing scientific information

johan wise says:

What a great experiment! Nobody would have expected this amazing results – in this case I´m lucky to pay my taxes to bring them up.

blackpinkwithlg says:

Does Chris Hadfield believe in the bigbang theory?

Rufus Varghese says:

Why didn't they just use the washcloth puck and add paddles to it to play the game Adam and Jamie wanted to play?. Seems like a balanced object.

Zechidvjchi says:

I wonder how they deal with sexual frustration in space.

Lol can you just imagine an astronaut jacking off while floating inside the ISS.

Bebe Reyes says:

I was waiting for someone to ask what would happen if someone farted really hard in space. Aside from the danger of shitting his underwear, would it propel the person forward?

Alextvman Tvman says:

international scam station.

David Clancy says:

You can tell he’s Canadian when he calls a compacted cloth a hockey puck

just a simple scientist says:

I wish philippine have a space agency

Noah Kurz says:

Do you guys ever get home sickness in space?

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