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Operation VIDEO for PPH
Fengh Medical European Area sales Manager Sandro Qi, sandro.qi@fenghmedical.com skype: sandroqi87


Sakhawat Ali Naaz says:

Sakhawat Ali

a. banks. says:

Glad I never suffered from that, and as for the procedure, I pray that I never have to do, or go through that….

Thank you God!

Yasir roylist says:


De Nature Indonesia Official says:

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Priya Sharma says:

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Kosta Miednikov says:

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Franki Gutierrez says:

mi culo tiene emo

J. K. G. says:

After this is done to ANYONE! They will NEVER Sit down again! NM Them NOT Being able to sit down for a month! No Thanks. I will keep mine. lol

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