Munditech helps Hospitals to Fight Dangerous Bacteria

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This video is sponsored content from the Accelerator Program of Merck learn more here:

In this interview, we talk to Dr. Klaus Schepers (, who is CEO and co-founder of Munditech. Munditech helps with new technology to fight multiresistant bacteria ( like the MRSA ( which can harm patients in hospitals. The technology of Munditech is highly adaptive and can be used on almost every surface in hospitals, kitchen or even bathrooms. Learn more in the video.

Munditech is part of the 2018 batch of the Merck Accelerator Program.

The Accelerator selects and support startups operating in healthcare, performance materials, life sciences, and other related business fields. They are looking for real partners to work together in shaping the future. From July until the end of September Merck (Or Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany) will be looking for startups to join their Accelerator Program in Darmstadt. You can go to their headquarters to connect with worldwide decision-makers and win them as a business partner. They also offer the possibility to extend the Accelerator in their Innovation Hub in China and succeed in accessing the Chinese market. You can apply now

The recording was conducted at Merck’s fancy new Innovation Center:

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