The ULTIMATE Forex Trading Course for Beginners

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If you’re new to Forex trading, have less than a year of experience, or you want to learn more about Forex markets, then this course is for you.


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0:10 Forex Trading for Beginners: What is Forex Trading
First and foremost, what is Forex Trading? Alright so, Forex Trading, right, or the word Forex refers to Foreign Exchange. What you are doing is trading one currency for another.

1:20 Forex Trading for Beginners: Who trades Forex and why?
So there are numerous market participants, right, who trade Forex. For example, you have the central banks, banks, corporations and retail traders. So central banks could be because, right, they want to make our economy more competitive, right, by devaluing their currency.

2:20 Forex Trading for Beginners: Forex Hierarchy
So this is the hierarchy, right, you can see that at the top of the food chain is the major banks, the central banks. Then followed by medium-sized and smaller banks, then the brokers, okay, hedge funds, corporations, and finally, retail traders at the bottom.

2:45 Forex Trading for Beginners: Advantages of Forex Trading.
So there are numerous advantages of Forex Trading. Number one, there is high liquidity, right? So unlike stocks that sometimes if you trade penny stocks or small-cap stocks there is no liquidity, right?

4:41 Forex Trading for Beginners: Currency Pairs
So now, what are some of the different currency pairs in the market? Right, there are three broad currency pairs that you should be aware of, right.

6:25 Forex Trading for Beginners: Forex Trading Sessions
Let’s talk about the different Forex trading sessions, so. Unlike the stock markets where you’re just in one session, the Forex market, you have typically three different sessions.

10:05 Forex Trading for Beginners: Forex Trading Terminology
Now, moving on, right, let’s talk about some common Forex trading terminologies. Right, this might be slightly different from stocks, right, but generally the concepts, right, can be applied the same.

21:25 Forex Trading for Beginners: Types of Forex Trading Orders
So, moving on, right, the different types of Forex orders, right, so there are a few types, right. Market order, limit order, stop order, stop-loss order.

26:29 Forex Trading for Beginners: Forex Charts
Okay, so now, the different types of Forex chart. Right, so generally there are, well, there are many types of Forex chart, but I’m just going to, you know, share with you the three common ones. The line chart, bar chart, and the candlestick chart.

30:27 Forex Trading for Beginners: Forex Analysis
Right, so your fundamental analysis, you have technical analysis and sentiment analysis.

34:38 Forex Trading for Beginners:
Forex brokers, generally it can be broken down into one of these two categories, right, dealing desk broker, and a non-dealing desk broker.

42:53 Forex Trading for Beginners: How to Protect Yourself
Alright, so, let’s say, for example, you trade with your broker, and you know, you find that your broker did something unjust to you, how can you protect yourself?

I have come to the end of this Forex trading course, I hope you got as much value out of it, and if you want to learn more, okay, you can go down to my website,

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alex pandian says:

Very good video rayner. Thank you for this wonderfull basics

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We Trade Waves says:

great video but, all the information, news, trades… are printed or plotted on the chart, so if you pay more attention and learn to read the charts in the right way, you will have an edge on the market…regards

Rangaswamy J Jejjannagari says:

Sir. I am watching ur previous vedios really good. The previous vedios are useful to Indian stock markets or only to forex trading

Masood Alam says:

Amazing work, thanks rayner, please continue the course


Rayner ,my mentor, am following you back to back..thanks for this…

Rangaswamy J Jejjannagari says:

Sir, this course useful for stock markets in india or not

Micutu Eu says:

Very good like all your videos. Thank you so much

Phantasy Photography says:

I thought London opened at 3am EDT not 3pm EDT?

Archdurk Morr says:

ive been trading since 2006.. and i still consider myself as a beginner… forex is a humbling experience.. u learn new things everyday…

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24hronline says:

Hey Rayner, what do u recommend to set our TP and SL in term of "number of PIPS" when we are trading in daily time frame..

samples&stuff says:

Can any of this be applied to crypto

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sharing this 🙂

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Amazing work Rayner. Keep up the good work.

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can you share the slides

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thank you Rayner I am from india forex trading through foreign broker is illegal what I do

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thank you rayner

Santos Bautil says:

Thank you sir rayner .please do a video on forex trading using iq option..on 1:30min purchase time and 30 sec candlestick intevals..

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Excellent information thank you for sharing for free… you put a lot of time in to the presentation looks great. Great information

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