FOREX TRADING – Lessons Learned From Losing

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In this latest TRADING EDGE video, I walk you through 3 trading opportunities that are on my radar (GBPJPY, AUDUSD & Bitcoin) and explain a few of the most valuable lessons that the market has taught me since I’ve started trading.


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The Process of Trading

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Tebatjo Malaka says:

I entered on Thursday on EURJPY and I was spiked out. My stop loss was just few pips inside the spike. I walked away with few lessons.

Jess D says:

Love your passion Akil, quality as always!

alvin mark says:

My account manager advised me to use both an SMA and shorter term EMA. When the EMA crosses above the SMA (on any time frame) then BUY. But make sure there is a lot of volume at the start of this crossover. When the EMA crosses below the SMA, sell. For example, on the daily chart, use a 50SMA and a 15 EMA. Go forth and $$$$$$$$$

Rajib Hossain says:

Thank you soooo much dear sir

Sorin Sorin says:

I wish you were my mentor!

רמי לוי says:

very nice. gbp jpy whort waiting for retrace and go long to 149 complete butterfly on daily..

olivier Tardif says:

thanks akil i like your view on audusd but i am in a sell order to retest 0.70875

Doocka Media says:

I got stopped out in a counter-trend in EUR/USD, and this EUR/JPY relate to how I got stopped out. Thanks boss!!!

Kyle Mcpherson says:

Gotta love it when you chart your own charts. Watch your video. And you have the exact same ideas. GJ short 40 to 50 pips. And AU head and shoulders on the radar. Btc analysis looks probable i see buyers giving up also. Joining the 14day trial this week. Thanks alot akil. Another great one.

ArvinJames Padilla says:

Thanks sir for this good video

Gabrielle van Loon says:

That BTCUSD: That's one heck of an Akilicious Setup! 😀 😀 😀

Game says:

"if you guys are new " blah bla you took it from Jason stapletone didnt you? come up with something less boring

Oswald Oogink says:

Again you left essential details out. Lowest price of btc clearly is 4300 usd. See the circular lowest prices of the market. When considering the highs you also need to consider the lows unless they are equal and they are not. Akil ~thanks for the efforts you put into.

Scott says:

How about EURJPY 4 hour Doji on chart at 129.500, would that be time to go to lower charts and pounce on a new bullish trade w/ trend?

Solomon Childs says:

Just been a descending triangle on XAUGBP too. Also Akil could you do a podcast on when and how to externally grow your account. Thanks

king_thando says:

Great Video.

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