~Cancer~Is This Too Good To be True? It’s Real….September 17 to 23 Cancer Tarot Reading

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~Please use your own logic & intuition. These interpretations are just a possibility. Keep in mind that this reading is for a “general” audience and it is not a Private Reading geared just for you.
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Arlyn Diamond says:

Dealing with a Virgo , Its been up & down, wishing it all works itself out .Thank you

Linda German says:

This reading is amazing. I will never go back with the Scorpio who ghosted me. I did meet a very nice Capricorn man in early summer. There was a great attraction between us. Now that I am ready to get out again, I am excited to meet him again. He has been very slow moving to ask me out. I think what you have said about him being afraid of taking a risk. So I will just wait and see what happens. He is a man of great character. I am older than him and that was the first road block for him. I have been manifesting this for awhile. So I will be patient. Thank you. I love your excitement!

Joyce Murphy says:

Just subscribed
One of your listeners here, Singer songwriter and lonely cos you were on Youtube, check out Cay Crow Spotify, iTunes reverberation Number 1 xx

Stephanie Santibanez says:

Thank you!!!!

Jaclynn Carter says:

Spot on… I released a third party, not interested in being a someones secret… We care deeply about one another but he has to stand up as a King before he enters my life. Being myself and on my own journey now, glad I avoided a bigger shit storm… Never allowed sexual intimacy to happen as I didnt want the karma… Glad I made the right decision.

Ann Hershey says:

Yes.. I have spent the last year doing some major healing. My self esteem was damaged, but rebuilt. I believe I will have some doubts should someone come in ( I can work through those though with God's help) , but that person has not arrived quite yet. At least, not someone that I "feel" a connection with. But, life is looking up.. the storm is over and I am blessed in general. Thanks Jennifer XO

nokukhanya buthelezi says:

Jen your reading I loved so so much in afraid I'm the one who is afraid I think every guy that comes I push away because of fear of rejection and fear of unfulfilled promises. Im single would love being with someone but i am Just Scared

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