Center for Immigration Studies banned from advertising on Twitter!

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Matt Roberts says:

" Illegal Immigrant " = Oxymoron {Is a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect.} Immigrant is here Legally , Alien is here ILLEGALLY ….. Leftism term …. why do they defend this Hypocrisy ? simple =Illegal VOTER BASE

Steve Farris says:

Call them foreign nationals in the country illegally. They are actually invaders from a foreign country. Soon twitter will ban the word "illegal".

M says:

They don’t need a Twitter account for that. They are not supposed to lurid clients, like some advertising company. But do their research.

James Evans says:

The left/dems intend to kill us.

Rod Martin, Jr. says:

Radical Left: There are no criminals. They're all warm and fuzzy, lovable individuals. Moral relativism rocks! What is murder to some is another person's sacred religion.

Sane Person: Groan! If these people get into power, it's the Dark Ages all over again. In a way, maybe it's already started. Where's Hari Seldon when you need him?

Do you like Bacon? I like Bacon says:

Twitter is a public forum. Even Trump was denied the right to block individuals on twitter because it was declared a “public forum”.

“Judge cites 1st Amendment in saying account is public forum.”

Bob Beeson says:

I think that Trump should legislate to shut down Facebook and Twitter.

Lord Marshall says:

Just like in Europe Muslim rape gangs are called grooming gangs. Are raping or giving out hair cuts and a manicure?

Citizen American says:

Social media SCUM bags only want to discuss issues on their terms. FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, YOUTUBE all show their BIAS. But these are big corporations who want CHEAP LABOR to continue. NO matter the cost to the average American citizen; they don't matter.

Saint Michael says:

Jessica Vaughn is a very attractive and intelligent woman.

Will Will says:

Republicans need to turn out and vote for AMERICA…

Mavis Pruitt says:

Watch as America gets closer to mid-term election twitter, Facebook, YouTube, msm, and liberals outlets have started calling outs to strikes! They must try to have it their way even though this isn’t Burger King. Republicans get out and vote. Don’t allow these scum suckers to cheat and lie the closer we get to the mid-terms. God Bless!

Alexander's Video Picks says:

You tell 'em Liz! Conservatives need our own social media outlets, clearly.

Keith McCarver says:

wake up people Facebook Twitter all controlled by liberal nerd's! boycott liberal network!!!!

Romans 13:4 says:

If Twitter is banning the term “Illegal Immigrant”, let’s just call them what they are…Criminal Aliens! Also, instead of “Anchor Baby”, let’s call them Criminal Aliens born in the U.S. Better yet, parasite larva.

Rix Pix says:

Because "Muh Democratic Socialism"….

Patrick Simpson says:

Control of the narrative, controls the debate. Liberals have no real argument, so they just change words to fit their beliefs. TOTALLY PATHETIC, great job exposing this Liz

David Prather says:

Illegal ALIEN is what they are!!! This isn't racist; it's legal terms. Resist the PC police!!!!!

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