I will begin Chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma next week ~ Blood Cancer Awareness Month

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September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

Sorry for the low quality,, I uploaded it on SD rather than HD 🙁

Update Cancer Journey Video:

I will begin Chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma next week.

In the video I said I will be on 10 medication but its actually going to be 11 medications.

The reality of this Cancer is kicking in. One of the Chemo drugs gets delivered by CVS Specialty. You can have it delivered to your house or CVS. I choose CVS as I don’t want to waste a day waiting for it to be delivered anytime from 9 am to 6 pm. So picking it up for now is a better option.

Originally I thought I would be on 10 drugs but it’s 11. I don’t like the idea of that at all. I don’t know how they will know what is causing side effects when your on so many drugs.

For now my Chemo Cycle is 14 days on 7 days off for 4 cycles. A total of 12 weeks with the goal of knocking the Multiple Myeloma back and hopefully into remission. If that doesn’t work then I will have another regimen and eventually a Stem Cell Transplant. (I don’t even want to think about that)

I have to make a chart so I don’t mess up which drugs to take on which days. It’s very overwhelming. I bought a weekly pill box to help me set it up. The One chemo drug that was delivered comes with a pill container that’s connected to ATT it makes a sound and lights up alerting me to take it. If I don’t open the bottle then it sends me a text reminder. Pretty cool technology.

During the three week cycle I have to go to the Infusion unit twice a week for two weeks. Then off a week. Then back again.

On the off week I have to go in for a IV bone drugs that is suppose to make you feel like you have the flu.

My Blood work will be monitored a lot. If my counts get to low I will need a transfusion.

My ONCO and Nurse said it’s normal to be anxious and feeling fear of the unknown as I have no idea how my body will respond. I’m really scared. This has rocked my world. I have a great team and I’m thankful for that. We are very blessed to have the best Doctors and Nurses at DFCC.

I’ll be on a very strong steroid that makes you bounce off the walls and will keep you awake for days. They said they can give me anxiety pills and sleep pills but I don’t want more drugs in me. I guess I’ll have to see how I feel.

Three of the chemo drugs cause rapid excessive weight gain. I’ve worked hard losing 130# and have maintained it one year now. The thought of gaining weight it’s very upsetting to me. The whole darn cancer thing is upsetting to me. But I’m going to kicks it’s butt. It won’t define me. It will be rough I know but I’m a fighter. There is not a cure for this Cancer but it is treatable. My Onco said they are making advances in research and the hope is they will find a cure. That’s what’s helping me cope. I have to believe that.

They said I will have fatigue and a whole list of other side effects.

I’m missing Chris terribly. He will be home Saturday from China. It was awful timing that he had to go the week before Chemo. The poor guy is so worried about me and has bad jet lag. He said we can do whatever I want this weekend to help me get my mind off Chemo. I definitely want to Canoe or Kayak. Water therapy is the best medicine for me.

This is just the beginning treatment for Multiple Myeloma. I’m trying my best to stay focused on getting thru the first cycle. If I think to far ahead I will lose it. I can’t even cry. I’ve been numb just going thru the motions.

Nature and Humor helps me thru this difficult time.

Thank you everyone for your love and support.

3 of the Drugs I will be on:

My Multiple Myeloma Playlist:

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Brenda ~ NaturesFairy

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DRAUSSEN sein says:

Hi Brenda, it is very brave of you to speak so openly about your illness. Every person is different, well, making it public certainly helps you to deal with it better, but there is also courage for other people who share the same fate. I wish you all the best imaginable, lots of luck and that you can get through everything well, your husband will stand by your side, I am sure of that. You can do that!! Best wishes from the heart, Angela

gigi101060 says:

be strong! Gigi from Austria

chaldon2view says:

Thank you for the video and update Brenda. The chemo can be bad as I well remember when my husband went through it with a large selection of tablets and those never ending blood tests! He always said it was worse than the illness so I am pleased to hear they are giving it to you via injections as that will help. Remain strong Brenda and you have the spirit to fight back at this difficult time. Warmest greetings, Julie.

smetlogik says:

5:25 love this. You have a great support system on YT. Thoughts and prayers your way Brenda!

bowhunter2439 says:

Best of luck Brenda , keep up your good attitude and spirits , lots of folks out here sending good vibes !!!

Aaron Nelson says:

Glad nature and humor helps ya B! Your stronger than I! Sending prayers my friend stay bad arse!!!

Travel with Yvonne says:

I wish you all the Best and always be positiv <3

Ankes World says:

I wish you lots of strengh . You are brave and you are a fighter.
I wish you all the best.

Mimi Ness says:

I wish you all the best, if you like a natural help, read about Dr.Budwig's flax oil, there is a group in yahoo by the name: FlaxseedOil2, also one in FB, look for Dr.Budwig in FB. You can learn a lot of natural things to help you, also look for a good acupuncturist in your area, that can help you to keep your body strong! Just taking what you know, from meds and pills, will be more difficult for your energy, strength in the short and long run! Take care!

Anita Boos says:

Dear Brenda
I wish you a lot of strength, endurance and even more humour for the next time.
A very difficult time is approaching you. I am sure that your family and friends will help you to get through this hard time.
I wish you only the best and will think of you.
Greetings from Germany, Anita

Kelly H says:

I will keep you in my prayers.

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