Solar System 101 | National Geographic

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How many planets are in the solar system? How did it form in the Milky Way galaxy? Learn facts about the solar system’s genesis, plus its planets, moons, and asteroids.
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Solar System 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic


john devine says:

Actually Venus is 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit

Bao Tieu Bao says:

Planet in other galaxy or far is exoplanet

Ed D says:

What happen to Pluto? Growinf up I was taught there was nine planets.

Metztli De La Vega says:

Where’s Pluto 🙁

Douglas E Knapp says:

This is a REALLY dumb video and N.G. Should be embarrassed to produce something with such dumb statements. The gravity of the sun does not stop at the edge of the solar system any more than the light from the sun does. ETC. They also more or less skipped one planet.

Rasin Alam says:

God Almighty Allah is Great has Create this Space and Other Planet and Solar System
Allah is Great Creater

Ashy Benzy says:

Masha allah

sne raj says:

what a vid ni8 godddddd

Warcy says:

Pluto is not a planet nor dwarf planet. It's a runaway moon from one of the outer planets. Just look at its orbit.

W!LD BEAST says:

This is so wrong representation.

Jareg Repair says:

I love this

Zachary Gilbert says:

There are 8 planets in the solar system

Chloe Cordovez says:


Kaushik Sarkar says:

Venus rotate in clockwise fool

welcome to the planet kal el says:

900 flatearthers got triggered and disliked the video

Raju Patel says:

How much time did neptune take for 1 revolution


I dont understand what is this

Daniel Gomez says:

How can Jupiter have no solid surface when the Shoemaker comet collided with its surface?

Daisys Daughter says:

Incredible. Enjoyed this.

Champa Dogra says:

Is it possible that there is life in mars

Lucas Livingston says:

What happened to Planet 9

Katherine loise says:

Where's the death star and how about the mustafar are they're gone?

Its Limtrix says:

Isn't the solar system suppose to be a vortex like

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