Alex Jones Bickers With Marco Rubio

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The infamous conspiracy theorist crashed Marco Rubio’s TV interview and started bickering with the Republican senator. Yeah, it was weird. Subscribe to HuffPost today:

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Arcalias Giants says:

SHAMIEN should freak this video into Yosemite Sam and Pepe Le Pew

Phillip Franklin says:

It is great that Alex Jones and InfoWars have been terminated ( de – platformed ) by YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and LinkedIN AND. TWITTER !!. This shows that cry baby Alex Jones is DESPERATE !!

Louis Johnson says:

Judenpresse Declares War On America.

Bobby Bellingham says:

Give little marco a bottle of water and see him freak out…..

Obama Colluded With Putin says:

Rubio doesn't know who Alex jones is!!! LOL!!! What a lying snake

Bozo The Clown says:

a mentally unstable person like this, jones, with a gun would be equal to a jarrad loughner who assassinated Gabriel Giffords. it's funny how you can tell the neocons in posts here who call this "confront" "meet"… their member of congress… if you can't see jones mental illness then i'd guess you've got it too! LOL!! remember, usa corporations have jones on their payroll, he has a national radio show, national advertisers… does that means the next time a jonespanzee kills a gay, black, arab, dem, liberal… the corporations sponsoring him are an accessory?

Drumpf Cheeto says:

What is wrong with these Alex jones lovers? wtf is happening to this country. I dont support Rubio either, but man, people are too freaking dumb

white girl starter pack says:

This whole thing is the most beautiful trainwreck I've ever seen

Albepra Roj says:

Marco Rubio eres decente y educado

Rod Paez D says:

Senator Marco Rubio are representing to all the people who vote for him for a seat in the Senate, and he represent the human dignity also… United States must be the light to the world… the hope to the mankind…

Bob Abooey says:

so the guy dances with the Gaybird Chippendales.Let's get down to making Amerika great

Renaissance News says:

I would guess Sen. Rubio has never heard of Parkland FL>??? Hasn't Alex Jones name been brought up many times in connections with that. Regardless how is a sitting government member going to say – 'who is this dumb@@@…"????? I am sure Mr. Rubio never saw Alex Jones show on March 4 2016 where Alex talks about Mr Rubios shady past??? — Regardless, Alex Jones is one of the main names brought up with the conservative ban that was being discussed. The committee that Rubio is in charge of? – So on top of everything else it falls down to Rubio admitting to not doing basic homework for the task he was working on that day. – Who is this guy? – umm. only the main reason why YOUR committee was formed on the bans… LOL

One Person says:

This is a very edited version.  They all ban Alex, so Alex leaves Texas and takes it to them.  He's going analog, if they ban him from digital.  Would you rather have Alex Jones in your internet, where you can ignore him, or in your face in RL confronting you?  MSM and SV made the wrong choice.  Alex does not/will not give up.  Peacefully and legally, he will prevail.

Owen James says:

Alex is a legend and he will win this in the end …also hes bloody funny and makes the net better !

Travis Tubbs says:

Alex is the man they should not
Have messed with him now he is going to be bigger then ever !!!

Dominion Defense says:

Alex is a beautiful man, and we are not the backwoods dipshits you make us out to be. If Alex is SOOOO wrong, then engage him, have him on MSM shows and prove him wrong. Only those without arguments resort to censorship or violence (antifa). With Trump we are moving past the psychological barrier that is impregnated into our heads at an early age that being a loudmouth, aggressive, passionate man who offends people is unacceptable. It is NOT unacceptable when fighting a pure evil that has the population under a sort of Stockholm syndrome spell. This country was founded by badasses with a fighting spirit.
Marco knows who Alex is. Pretends he doesn't even know there is mass censorship going on of right leaning voices. He is a Bush neocon. They believe in the general concept of a global government. They have literal gay satanic rituals in the woods of Northern California (Bohemian Grove). They do not believe in the principals our founding fathers set out. They do not believe in the individual or an informed public voluntarily determining their own destiny.

Alex86 Alex86 says:

This video is pure propaganda, you notice how they add their two cents but they don't actually show the full video clip

Lana Navan says:

Sickening they should be taken care of never to be seen

Lana Navan says:

All the senators and congressmen love little boys

Lana Navan says:

Rubio loves little boys

ralbo raggins says:

you realize rubio didn't even know what the hearing was about? i saw his face when he launched into what i think of as a politician response. it reminded me a lot of john mccain when he was asked questions

ralbo raggins says:

wow they didn't show much of it, but just showed what little bit they could trying to make alex jones look bad. stupid huffpo

Largesse1000 says:

Well done Alex!

sam martin says:

How close is that meteor again?

phobos says:

I'm not an Alex Jones fan, but I stand for his right to speak. Everyone has a right, from a Bible thumping evangelical to a pink haired SJW. For those of you who like that he was de-platformed, my question to you is, do you think it will end there? Do you think they will only de-platform people that you don't agree with? Do you not find it alarming that Marco didn't even know the subject of the intel committee that he was attending?

toto wolf says:

It’s all staged…they wouldn’t let Alex that close if they didn’t want it

Glitchy Mountain says:

Well wouldn't it be nice if they showed the clip of Alex actually stating his point and not him messing around?

Genesis event10000 says:

This is pretty funny, actually.

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