The Logo Design Revolution

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Before Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar, logos were often literal representations of products. Read more:

“60 Years of Logos” was created by Dress Code NYC ( It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.


Greasy Style says:

I need more of this video. I’ve always loved logos.

JZ the Creator says:

Title somewhat misleading. This is more like a promotion/advertisement. It did work though.

Chicago Hypebeast says:

It's always inspiring to see the lives of designers and how they live everyone else, but still create something so meaningful and identifiable.

Alex Duran says:

Rest In Piece Ivan.

ThePeej says:

I watched half of this video before being compelled to share it. After sharing it I finished it, then immediately shared it two more times & then watched it all the way through again. Delightful! I loved the insight about needing to observe clients to see who they really are, rather than who they say they are. Inspiring to see these two still at it after so long. Thanks for this!

Judy Sweeney says:

Just plain excellent.

fushangbin says:

Feature length documentary on these two please

Simon Abrams says:

Who are the cretins that clicked the thumbs down on this video?

carl shneebly says:

Its really amazing how the simplest logos are the biggest.

Froot Spyder says:

Wow, this was awful

Joey B says:

The pacing of this video gave me anxiety.

Wally Zielinski says:

What happened with this vid? Shotty editing, sloppy execution, no real point ever made. You guys are better than this

Gavin Reddig says:

0:17 What the fuck did he just say?

Rayyan Jamal says:

What in your opinion is the greatest logo ever? It could be anything, banks, fast food franchises, football teams, pharmacies – ANYTHING!

Kris Herrick says:

This was interesting but guess I was expecting a video about logo design principles. A more appropriate title would've been "the visionaries of the logo design revolution" maybe

Aman Basanti says:

For a video that's about design, it's got pretty poor editing.

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