App Development – How to sell your App to big companies

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“Hi i’m Erdi Meco, i’m an individual self-taught iPhone App Developer. My App called “SeeThat” is in it’ first month live in App Store with over 50 downloads and much data. It’s a Photo/Video app and social network.
My question to you is how can I sell my App to any sort of company, or at least have companies invest in my app or in me for future successes. I’m trying to sell it, but to no avail. Thank you Mr. Evan!”


Safar Jemaa says:

I don't know how to make app

Dhayaneshwar K says:

Hello Evan, i have developed a game like app, which has enough potential to get decent downloads, and its unique, can be monetized wisely, there is no issue in the product. Am willing sell my app to some big companies for around $20k. Evan, my question is how to present my app to big company without allowing them to re-engineer my app without my knowledge…in buiness they have all rights to deny my deal, i have no issues with that…but i dont want to fall in a trap, where they look all ppts, demo, understand concept, deny my offer, and re-develop my app without my knowledge…and then publish the app before me…how to avoid this situation?
most heard solution is copyrights but it only provide security to codes and designs but not protect ideas…i dont have enough time to apply for patent…so how to ensure my concept's security while presenting to companies?…this may help me a lot, hope you guide me to sort it out, thanks evan!

Abdur Razzak says:

i need my compani app

The Entrep242 says:

I want to develop my app. I was supposed to go and meet with Invent help. My app is in the draft stage. I think this would be the biggest app in 2018 if I get this off the ground. Should I go directly to developers or go through invent help who I feel are scamming me. And do you have any companies that would help me bring my app to life?

Mang Mentong says:

This is a great video Mr Evan. as a mobile app programmer it gives me a hint since I have many ideas that I want to convert it to mobile app and share in public as far as I know that people will use it as a daily routine. thanks a lot cheers

scott guthrie says:

Evan love your videos eric thomas is the best . I have a app idea that I know will blow up it will solve million of problems for businesses and individuals

Brian Brewster says:

I'm a developer. Some of my software has the potential of being useful to many people but these applications DO NOT run on iPhones. They are strictly PC desktop apps. Is this a big mistake not garnering the cell phone market?

Daksh Agrawal says:

My 14 Year Son Developed 5 Android App, 1) My Share Plus : To split Bills and Expenses with friends, 2) Society : For Management and Maintenance of Society. 3) partytime : for Party Vendors. Please help him and Guide what to do next. We can sell or can do partnership with any company if they promote him.

Biak Sang says:

Nice t-shirt

Brad Depp says:

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Abraham Lincoln says:

Evan this talk was the best motivation for app developers I ever heard. Thank you for the reality check you just got a subscriber

LMI T.V says:

Need app developers to make a app great idea will have 50/50 share

Ishan Jain says:

Hi! I am a 12 year old app developer with 2 apps on the app store. I would like to start a startup now. With great interest, I would love to partner up with someone to help grow into a large business. I develop apps for the iPhone. I have an idea in my mind but as I said, I need a partner. Please reply to this comment if you are interested and we can soon exchange contact information. Thanks!

Masterchain Tsabedze says:

You Know What? EVAN is the most Smartest Person, i ever met in the Internet world…. Great Video, Keep Hustling….. Thumbs Up

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