The Best Sports Vines May 2018 (Part 1)

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Krammit says:

3:20 celebrating helmet to helmet… cringe

Rkw says:

Watching guys dunking is an everyday thing, but did you see how far that one gal threw that football? Don't see that everyday.

Google Account says:

5:07 when you see too much Zidane videos

Seth S says:

Go to 6:00 for them legs

CzechRiot says:

argentina gostosinha

Laughing Skulls says:

Solid props for no clickbait.

Bot1 Bot says:

What kind of retard could actually enjoy this shit

Bot1 Bot says:

This comment section is fucking retarded

100k subs with no videos says:

Vines are still a thing?

antreas dimitriou says:

that basketball clips so stupid

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