Bruno Mars – Count on me lyrics

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Sorry if theres mistakes and bad timing 🙂


seve ongpin says:

I love this song reminds me about love,:)))))))

DayBreaker says:

My cat started rubbing against me and purring when I was singing along to this song :')

Kings X says:

Bruno M
Bruno Ma
Bruno Mar
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mar
Bruno Ma
Bruno M

The EX PAT says:

listening in Sep 9, 2018

Shanna Semenowycz says:

love this song

Mujahid islam says:

i remember this song when i was in year 1 and now im in year 6 the memorys 🙂

-Beeism- says:

2013 anybody?

Jabefo yt 1461 says:

I love this song
its so sad

Sid Sri says:

I always cry at this song cause a friend of mine sang this for me!!!! I miss her!

Ateyah Kennedy says:

My mom love this songs so much..

Samboeun Gee says:

Its so cute

Daniela Garcia says:


Sinister E Gaming says:

My school played this every assembly. It was so annoying! Not saying it's bad, but it was overplayed for me

Stuart Stanley says:

It is so bad how code you say that

PirateQueen * says:

This song reminds me of the only close guy best friend… I remember being sad when he left for the army now hes home…I remember the day he left i was there and still there now that hes back…. couldnt be thankful for someone like him

Rajat Sharma says:


Vanya Zana says:

If i get 1like i will sing this to my bff just 1like is enough for me

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