Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani address media following trilateral meeting on Syria

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are holding a joint press conference following their trilateral meeting as part of the Astana Peace Process on the Syrian crisis in Tehran.

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ArkTiger4c says:

Good to see that great powers like these are cooperating together against western lunacy ….America has its minions a corrupt group of ass licking terrorists that will find themselves holding the wrong end of the stick

frizerbee says:

iran turkey china and big ol russia against the nation of pussies and its allies which are "not really totally allies 😀 – pop corn beer doritos>>>> im good

Los Time says:


Muhammad Ammar Hasnain says:

IRAN AND TURKEY Tayyip Erdogan is my hero Love from Pakistan

Kata Semut says:

Its inevitable.
One billions people gonna die this time round.
I hope its gonna be more.
Time to depopulte Europe and North America popultion and gain peace for the next 100years.

Kenan Ali says:

What a shame. Erdogay openly wanted to defend his last hope to invade and capitulate Syria with terorist proxies. But Putin boss didnt allow it. Erdogay and turkey support terorism in Syria. Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Tahrir Sham, Harased din all are terorists groups gathered in last place in Idlib. Murica and israhel can make a false flag again. Russia and Iran must clean quickly Idlib.


So Iran is ready to fight against Islamic Terrorists the United Shitholes of (((AIPAC))) still Protects and Fund Islamic Terrorists they even try to Stage another Stupid False Flag again – i mean realy Amerigoyims even if you are the biggest Patriot how can you sleep at night?

zafer mesut says:

Need a better translator

Glaurung Maddar says:

Holy damn, the translation is so baaaad.

outbacktrek says:

mafiaPutin, mafiaErdogan and mafiaRouhani are all dictators, never dem.elected by the people just like mafiaDon… all are gov't.Made liarLiar corporateMultiMillionaires

Funny Bone says:

Oh look the little kids table. Where’s Uncle Sam at these kids have been naughty.

Anamarie Hayes says:

Oh man… Is this Gog and Magog happenings

gkkhan says:

The next three global powers.

Emmanuel Harris says:

This will not be debated on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC the war mongers will only talk about another fake staged chemical attack that they are so ready to go to war for.

Alexandre Vaillancourt says:

after the arab spring, hot and long summer war. at last autumn brings hopes of peace. winter cools all violence and the cycle will end. long live the winter. long live

kiduish21 says:

It's better to wipe out all the fkn terrorists than the reconciliation. Wipe them out.

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