Easy Way To Find A Good Call Or Put Option – Options Trading Tips

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How do you trade options successfully? Beyond understanding the stock market and individual stocks, it relies upon buying the option contract at the right time. I go over the easiest quick check you can do while trading options to see off the bat if you are buying a call option or put option that is over or under priced. This may seem simple but keeping an eye on this indicator and setting up rules for yourself to not over pay and buy into the premium can really step your trading game up. As always, make sure you paper trade and understand options are really risky!

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branden jackson says:

guess i have to improve my quick math lol

Mk M says:

when youre timing to sell, do you wakeup at 6am, watch 1minute candles super micro and try to time it? cus thats what i do and it sucks lol.

Angelx Florex says:

Hey josh can you show use more about swing trades

CrispyKing says:

This man is dedicated

Joey Guzman says:

Are you making a video on what youre looking for this month? My dude

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