5 MIND BLOWING Portfolio TIPS! | Graphic Design

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Will Paterson says:

Hope you guys enjoy the video! 😀

Charlie Bass says:

Starting UNI soon! Excited but also nervous. Also, almost a year since stumbling across this channel.

standupja says:

Would love to see how you use Milanote! Started using it too not so long ago

Clonefreak1 says:

My portfolio class in college was basically a study hall, I wish the teacher would of saw and or showed this video!

Ximon Whhatt says:

Oi, Great tips mate.

Loren Jones says:

These 5 Portfolio TIPS BLEW MY MIND! Oh shit! Such WOW!!!

TheVirtualStealth says:

I would have to disagree with the domain endings.

.com and .net are already standard so you don't want to cause confusion by having people accidentally going to .com. they'll possibly end on someone else's website. By all means, buy and save the domain name. But if you can I would buy the same domain in .com so you can redirect it to your .design

Sketch Gin Repeat says:

Have you come across any issues with having a non-standard Web address. I chose .graphics when I started my business and there are a few Web forms that don't recognise it

William lillicrapp says:

I will say it’s hard to build such in depth and expansive website when you may not be as skilled at web design as you, so sites like adobe portfolio are great but don’t allow this expansion, detail and etc.

CarsonJamesArgenna says:

Hey Will! Where do I email you to submit a logo for a critique?

Graphic Bricks says:

Would you say that portfolios are dead? It’s the 21st century, if I want to look at someone’s work I’d just go on Instagram

Tanishq Kancharla says:

2:20: "making sure everything is spelt correctly" 2:11: spells indefinitely wrong in his beard of man logo smh will

FOX _ says:

Just going to college in England in graphic products don't know if this shit will help but I subbed

Lera Bozoglu says:

Thank you for your vids, very helpful for graphic design students like myself! 🙂

Nouamm says:

Woooo here early from some fresh tips! :3 Tasty!

David Pruitt says:

Fantastic job as always, brother!


Great tips, thanks for the video. I love design even it's hard without a designer tablet but I try my best


Great tips! Thanks a lot 🙂 Always the best informative videos from you.

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