President Donald Trump Slams AG Jeff Sessions Over GOP Indictments | NBC Nightly News

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On Monday, Trump blasted Jeff Sessions after the Justice Department indicted Republican congressman Duncan Hunter for misusing campaign funds and Chris Collins for insider trading.
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President Donald Trump Slams AG Jeff Sessions Over GOP Indictments | NBC Nightly News


Christopher Robin Garrish says:

USA is cooked, like a stale cheeseburger at McDonalds, reheated and repackaged. Tragic.

Gary Huckleberry says:

It's all show and tell. Like kindergarten. Fun clown show though. These scenes will get funnier with time's passing.

Cesar Perez says:

donald trump El Dictador de USA

Deee gamer 2005 says:

I hope 9/11 happens agen

Zbyněk & Sarah K. says:

Měl jsem obavy, že ironii nerozumíte, protože lidé se neradi dívají do pomyslného zrcadla. Výpovědi z pracovního poměru se budou rozdávat na přelomu měsíce listopadu a prosince. Děkuji za pochopení a jsem s pozdravem.

Michael Danielson says:

So the DOJ is supposed to ignore all crimes you commit if you have the magic R after your name. Isn't the President supposed to defend the Constitution?

Power Factor says:

Trump upset because his fellow GOP Criminals got caught! Vote Blue in Nov!

nand nicarrabla says:

Pablo Escobar could have been president of Columbia.
Guess it's too late for USA

Marquis Jefferson Johnson says:

Resign Jeffrey sessions. Show some white pride. President Trump does not want you around. He overestimated your abilities

lisa houk says:

thank you jeff if this true!!

San Diego says:

it's impossible to determine which character flaw is worse with Orange Sphincter….
his ignorance, his immaturity, his mental instability, or his corruption ???

dicemanace says:

Nothing new here the Democrats are constantly slamming Trump. It's all they do !

Sheik Yo Booty says:


Jorge Morales says:

NBC FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!

Marcellino Sananto says:

If Democrats dont take control of Congress in november trump will fire sessions and Mueller, and Republicans will do nothing to stop him. That will mark the end of America as we know it.

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