Women make strides in Iran despite regime’s restrictions

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In Iran, husbands have the right to stop women from working, and women’s rights are severely limited. That hasn’t stopped women from making history.

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Amirabbas EmamiZadeh says:


Fuseauhoraire says:

American and Jewish propaganda video.
The goal is to demonize the government to justify a coup or bombs.
The USA and Is-Rat-Hell are warlike and deadly monsters.
Let people follow their history and social evolution in peace.

artbiz says:

Don't forget to mention our buddy Saudi as well

Mumtaz Fatima says:

UN human rights are Satanic. It wants women to be almost naked and look sexy. A woman is known for her wisdom, responsibility and kindness and not by the clothes she wears. Western woman are the least safe from being raped and harassed.
Women are like flowers and not cactus. They should be treated fairly and not like a sex toy (sorry for using this word but this is the truth).
European cultures are becoming more and more Satanic.
1) same sex marriage allowed.
2) people afraid of women who cover body and happy with women who walk around naked or in revealed clothing.
3) Getting drunk is in blood which gives them temporary happiness.
4) Drugs are bring sold on streets.
5) Average European has 10 boyfriend and girlfriend.
6) They do sex before marriage.
7) Being a virgin is considered shameful.
8) Sex is called natural in European families.
9) Child and Adult Pronography is commonly available on Internet.
10) Satanic religion is followed openly.
May God guide these people

2funny says:

all those ugly women in high positions are relatives of the mullahs or are somehow connected to them… how naive to think this government gives a shit about Iranian women in general. There are young girls in the streets today who are forced to beg. This is the fruit of the mullahs regime.

Alex Nazrey says:

I hope one day all these ARAB motherless fucks get burned alive and Persians prosper once again. DEATH TO MOLAS.

Hard Truth says:

Iran is red pill. No blue pill western shit

tino v says:

Yep that is correct. But you forgot to mention that in 1953 the CIA staged a coup and overthrew the prime minister of Iran which led to theocracy…and ended the bikinis lmao…

Avery Lopez-Baines says:


Shaun Basi says:

I still remember when Iran's President declared "There is no gay people in Iran" LOL!

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